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Seasoned Grace Release Party

Seasoned Grace by Melissa Wardwell: Release Party! You know we love a good party. That means the Independence Islands authors are back with another round of parties, games, blog posts, and giveaways! I know, that last bit is your favorite. I don't blame you. It's mine too. For Seasoned Grace we're talking about God's grace… Continue reading Seasoned Grace Release Party

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Heart Pressed Release Party!

Heart Pressed by Melissa Wardwell: Release Party with cookies!! I love cookies. It's a well-known fact around our house. Low carb white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.Keto friends!Low carb friends too!And anyone else who's interested.Y'all! I had to make a recipe. I've baked many, many keto cookies and this recipe I created is by far my… Continue reading Heart Pressed Release Party!

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Foodie Fun Winners Announced!

Celebrate Lit and Melissa Wardwell have announced the winners of the Foodie Fun Scrumptious Independence Giveaway! Hello Reader Friends! We are excited to announce the winners of our "foodie" fun votes for the release of Scrumptious Independence! Thank you so much for joining us and participating! Congratulations to all the winners!   What's your Best… Continue reading Foodie Fun Winners Announced!

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Scrumptious Independence, What’s your gadget?

Scrumptious Independence by Melissa Wardwell, Release and a Giveaway! Hello Readers! Welcome to a week long “foodie” kick off for Scrumptious Independence. We hope you have been enjoying each stop and had fun casting your votes. Today, we thought it would be fun to vote for your favorite gadget. Review each picture below, then click… Continue reading Scrumptious Independence, What’s your gadget?

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Do you need free books for your Kindle or e-reader?

Free Books! Happy St. Patrick's Day! And for those of us self-quarantining, or if you're under actual quarantine, you might be getting a little stir crazy. Here's something that might help. All these books are currently free. *Disclaimer! Check prices before you buy as I have no idea how long they will remain free. I've… Continue reading Do you need free books for your Kindle or e-reader?