Into the Fire Photography

Another aspect of my personal and professional personality is photography (Alliteration alert!). I think I received my first camera when I was ten. That’s all it took for me to nosedive into the fun and quirky side of taking pictures.

Only problem, being ten years old and needing money to buy film. Needless to say, my photography didn’t receive much practice until cell phones were a thing.

I can hear the pros out there groaning already. Sorry, kids. This lady didn’t get her first ‘professional’ camera until November 2018.

Am I now a pro….eh, that’s a gigantic no. But I’m learning and I’m having fun.

Will I turn my entire business to photography. Again, no. Unless I can make millions traveling the globe taking landscape shots. I’d be down for that. Landscapes, macro, and animal photography is my preference.

I love taking pictures of people. Don’t get me wrong. But I like the fun pictures. Not the ones where the couple will maim you if you screw up…looking at you, Bridezillas. Not that I’ve ever been asked to shoot a wedding.

However, I was asked to take my nephew’s senior pictures. I’m actually heading out to do that in about, oh, five hours. Ask me if I’m nervous. Go on, ask me.

I love my nephew though. He’s like a little brother to me, so we’ll have fun.

Update on Nephew’s Senior Picture Photo Shoot!

You’ll notice a lot of the pictures here on the blog are mine, and I often use them for book covers. Here’s a look at a few of my favorites.

I enjoy catching individual personality with my photos and images that spark an interest. Even if they only interest me. Which is not conducive to making money, I know. And that’s why I’m not in it for the money.

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