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The Trials series:

  • Trial by Courage: Book one
  • Trial by Faith: Book two
  • Trial by Patience: Book three

Each book can be read as a standalone, but the overall read is improved if you begin with book one as the series does follow the same family of characters.

Cheyenne is a woman with a past full of pain and a future clouded in mystery. She has within her an ability that forces isolation, the ability to see the future and erase the pain of those around her. But who will help her through her own pain? Who will help her to overcome the trauma of her past? One man has the power to help her break free but can he believe what he cannot see? Their futures are tied together in a way neither of them ever expected or dared to hope for if only they can have faith strong enough to overcome their fear. Come along with them as they go on a journey of self discovery and hopefully find love along the way.
Two years after Cheyenne saw him shot while in active duty with the military, Kane is finally home for good. He is on his way to pay Cheyenne a visit when a catastrophe throws him together with Faith Graystone. Faith needs to get home. Her two boys are counting on her to come back but the road is impassable. Kane can get her home, but what will happen once they get there?
Danny Solomon owns and operates Break Away Acres, an equine therapy center for abused kids and teens. Phoenix Nichols is his new trail guide, but her history and her pain put her in need of Danny’s help. After years of abuse, both Danny and Phoenix struggle to find their place. While Danny is happy with the world he’s created at Break Away, Phoenix is ready to bolt at every shifting shadow. When her past drags her back, Danny will be left to pick up the pieces. Can he show Phoenix the way to God? Will Phoenix finally find a safe place to land?
An author who has lost his will to write, an old photograph, and a decision to follow his gut. These three things combine to send Justin up the mountain for a story. The old photograph in the city library showed a man with purpose, a man with drive, and a joy lit up his face with a radiance that beamed through the old black and white even now. Lost and adrift in a life he’d always thought he wanted, Justin found himself looking to return to that place of contentment. What he found instead, was a family that challenged everything. They challenged his beliefs, in life, in love, in everything. Then, Macy arrived and turned everything upside down with a simple question. What did he want? Justin found himself unable to answer the simple inquiry, and it became Macy’s quest to help him find the answer. In order to learn what he wanted, Justin would have to learn who he truly is. Macy offered him the adventure of a lifetime, the chance to become someone else, the chance to experience life as she lived it. If he is strong enough to become the man he would need to be.
Jump into Jingle Junction for a fast-paced Christmas romance. The last thing coffee shop owner Holly Winters expected was to have dream-boy Patrick Cooper walk through the back door of her shop. He would only be delivering this one time. He made sure she knew he was going home as soon as Henry was well enough to start making deliveries again. Patrick instantly attracts Holly’s attention, but he has three strikes against him…he hates coffee, he doesn’t like Christmas, and he has a girlfriend. That’s all fine with Holly, until she starts to get to know the man hiding behind the bright green eyes. Patrick is in the one place he shouldn’t be if he wants to avoid Christmas. Jingle Junction is famous for it’s Christmas lights, parade, and their year-round Christmas spirit. Can this apparent ‘bad boy’ find the joy of Christmas?
Bryce Masters had everything he needed…or so he thought. His six-year-old daughter, Anna, would disagree. They were going home, moving back to Jingle Junction where Bryce would take over the local bookstore just in time for Christmas. Losing his wife, Molly, during the birth of their daughter six years ago was tragic, but Bryce has no idea just how much it weighs on young Anna’s heart until she confesses her deepest wish. What Anna wants for Christmas is a mother, but Bryce’s heart is not ready to love again. Only God can give Bryce the desire to make Anna’s wish come true. Only He can heal the hurt and open Bryce’s heart to the power of love. But Bryce will have to be willing to listen. And when the perfect woman reveals a secret that could devastate them all, will Bryce be able to look beyond what was and accept what might be?

Releasing November 24, 2020

Mishaps off the Mainland

When Melody Carmichael opened up a mobile pet grooming business on the Independence Islands, a lost dog was not on her to-do list. Neither was Zeke Solomon. Together, they’ll hunt for the escaped canine, but they don’t have to like it…or each other. Preorder HERE

Releasing May 25, 2021

Stealing the First Mate

Sometimes, happily ever after is as elusive as a pirate’s treasure.
Darcy Riggins dove headfirst into the online dating pool and sank. Every time.
Her lifelong dream of becoming a wife and mother becomes more elusive every year. So, taking the lack of a Mr. Right in her life as a decided “No!” from God, Darcy gives up altogether.
Single and happy is not an oxymoron. Right?
Preorder HERE