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Returning to Breakers

Returning to Breakers Release Week Fun It's time to embark on another island adventure. This time, we're heading back to Breakers with Rachel Skatvold. Sometimes God’s “why” comes too late… and just in time. Tiffany Hill is a master at concealing her emotions. She can’t admit she has her own questions about God—like why He… Continue reading Returning to Breakers

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Blessings in the Bargain Release Week Fun

Blessings in the Bargain by Kari Trumbo About the book: Title: Blessings in the Bargain Author: Kari Trumbo Despite a career in logistics, Courtney is unprepared to get lost at sea… A fated trip to the docks with her closest pal Annie leads to disaster. Ship Captain Lex Ford agrees to take Courtney and two… Continue reading Blessings in the Bargain Release Week Fun

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Delicious Devotion Release Party

Delicious Devotion Release Week Fun Why do weddings do their best to ruin relationships? Friends, family—even the couple! Beth Stevens didn’t come to the Independence Islands to find a guy, but thanks to her beloved Gram, she had a place to go and the skills to start a business she loves. Meeting Scott again and… Continue reading Delicious Devotion Release Party

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Book, Chapter, and Vows: Release Week Party!

Book, Chapter, and Vows by Chautona Havig: Release Week Fun About the book: Falling in love with Benjamin wasn’t in the plan, but Mallory finds she’s all but lost her head and her heart after two and a half years of banter, memories, and now shared books. But when her ex-fiance (does it count if… Continue reading Book, Chapter, and Vows: Release Week Party!

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From Shore to Shore Release Week Fun

From Shore to Shore Party! Bree and Cooper are two of the most outgoing characters I think I've ever written. Cooper is a water taxi driver, and Bree is a marine biologist. They practically live on the water. For From Shore to Shore's release, I thought it would be fun to talk about our favorite… Continue reading From Shore to Shore Release Week Fun