The White City by Grace Hitchcock: Tour, Review, and Giveaway with Celebrate Lit

About the Book

Book: The White City

Author: Grace Hitchcock

Genre: Christian Historical/Suspense

Release Date: March 2019

The white CityMysterious Disappearances Taint the Chicago World’s Fair

Step into True Colors—a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime

While attending the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Winnifred Wylde believes she witnessed a woman being kidnapped. She tries to convince her father, an inspector with the Chicago police, to look into reports of mysterious disappearances around the White City. Inspector Wylde tries to dismiss her claims as exaggeration of an overactive imagination, but he eventually concedes to letting her go undercover as secretary to the man in question—if she takes her pistol for protection and Jude Thorpe, a policeman, for bodyguard.

Will she be able to expose H. H. Holmes’s illicit activity, or will Winnifred become his next victim?

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Book Review:

Wonderful history, filled with suspense and the power of love. I don’t remember ever reading any true crime novels so The White City was a fabulous way to start something new. Winnie was quite the heroine. Her antics from page one kept me eagerly anticipating the next situation she might unwittingly catch herself running into. Jude and Percy were both excellent suitors, but, of course, we’re going to pick one over the other. Winnie’s aunt is determined to marry Winnie off and end her sleuthing adventures, and Winnie’s father refuses to let her wed a lawman. Naturally, that means we’re going to be rooting for Jude, but Percy is perfectly acceptable suitor material.

The plot was pretty straightforward. I kept waiting for a red herring or some misdirection. I won’t tell you if I ever got it. You’ll have to read and find out for yourself.

Romance-wise, The White City was exactly what I expected for a true crime romance set in the late 1800’s. It was sweet, not overwhelming, and genuinely heartwarming. Both Winnie and Jude showed an adequate amount of faith without the message becoming preachy. I enjoyed reading the times when Jude would pray and ask for God’s direction.

Overall, The White City kept me entertained and curious about whether Winnie was correct about the missing woman from beginning to end. Her antics gave her a whimsical air and kept the plot fresh as she worked to be her own woman instead of bowing to society.

About the Author

grace hitchcockGrace Hitchcock is the author of three novellas in The Second Chance BridesThe Southern Belle Brides, and the Thimbles and Threads collections with Barbour Publishing. The White City is her debut novel and releases March 2019 with Barbour Publishing. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History. Grace lives in southern Louisiana with her husband, Dakota, and son. Visit Grace online at


Guest Post from Grace

True Colors—Fiction Based on Strange, But True, American Crime Stories

True, riveting stories of American criminal activity are explored through 6 unique stories of historical romantic suspense in the exciting new True Colors series.

In book one, The White City, Winnifred Wylde believes she witnessed a woman being kidnapped while attending the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. She tries to convince her father, an inspector with the Chicago police, to look into reports of mysterious disappearances around the White City. Inspector Wylde tries to dismiss her claims as exaggeration of an overactive imagination, but he eventually concedes to letting her go undercover as secretary to the man in question—if she takes her pistol for protection and Jude Thorpe, a detective, for bodyguard.

Will she be able to expose H. H. Holmes’s illicit activity, or will Winnifred become his next victim?

The Real Criminal Behind the Story

While Winnifred Wylde is a fictional character, Doctor H. H. Holmes was very real and became infamously known as America’s first serial killer. Learn more about him HERE.


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Dance of Shadows by Erica Marie Hogan: Promo Blast with Celebrate Lit

Dance of Shadows

Be still, my heart! I cannot get enough of this book cover!


Back of the book:


The Winter Queen has brought the storm … 
and the Abyss roams the halls of the Blood Keep.

Ten days have passed since Sundragon blood was shed for a sacrifice by Raphaela Kael. Ten days since Lathan and Maxx Jandry fled the city in search of Princess Damari Kael and their niece, Noelle. Brecken Jandry, Brae’s loyal husband, remains a tortured prisoner in the Kael dungeons and no one in Sunkai is safe from Roderick and Raphaela’s wrath.

Damari Kael flees Sunkai with little Noelle Jandry, determined to deliver the child to the safety of the Shadow Lands, even as her own power emerges within her. The Eventide Sisters embark on a mission to join the Winter Queen. Across the land, Clea Jandry arrives in her birthplace of Molderëin where she is met with a savagery she thought long dead. Afra Malaki seeks the Creator’s will and the Queen of the Woodlands prepares for battle.

In the peaceful city of Quintaria, the Winter Queen grieves. But the shadows are coming for her. They carry a message for Adlae Sundragon, and they will not rest until all is revealed.

Dance of Shadows meme

Book Review:

The genre of Christian Fantasy is smaller than I would like, but I see it growing. Books like Dance of Shadows give me hope for the future of this particular niche. Working magic and Christianity together in a novel is not an easy task when you seek to make the magic-wielders part of a belief system that orients itself around a Creator reminiscent of God. Dance of Shadows manages to be both fantasy-driven and spiritual in equal measures.

Since I have not read Winter Queen it did take me a few chapters to sort out all the necessary characters. Like any good fantasy, there are a lot of moving parts, or should I say, a scattered army trying to pull itself back together as it heads toward a final battle. Each chapter rotates, giving you a glimpse into every side of the battle and allowing you to see the thoughts of heroes and villains.

And here’s where I get all sappy on you. I’m an enormous Terry Brooks fan, and while he does not write Christian Fantasy, his work is powerful high on the Fantasy scope. This series comes close to rivaling the Shannara Series with its scope of characters and the depth of sacrifice necessary to reach the victory at the end of the war.

This is not your frilly, magic-is-the-key-to-everything tra-la-la fantasy. Dance of Shadows is a gut-check of emotion that will leave you breathlessly lost in the world of magic.

Author Social Media:          Erica Hogan  







Author Bio

From as far back as she can remember, Erica Marie Hogan loved to write. When she was a little girl she adored make-believe, but gradually her imagination became too big to restrict it to playtime and so, she wrote.

Erica was born and raised for nine years on Orient Point, Long Island, New York. She then moved with her family to Virginia and, finally, to Texas where she now lives. She lives to plot new stories, enjoys a good tear-jerker, and chocolate is her cure for any ailment. Once a month Erica publishes a post on her blog, By the Book: Diary of a Bookaholic, where she shares her experiences with writing and book reviews. She is represented by Jim Hart of Hartline Literary Agency.

Along with the first two books of The Winter Queen Series, Erica’s World War I standalone novel, The Lost Generation, is also available now from Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.


The Teacher’s Bride by Kathleen Fuller: Book Review

theteachersbride.jpg Such a cute cover. It makes me say, “Awwww.”

Title: The Teacher’s Bride

Author: Kathleen Fuller

Publisher: Zondervan

Release Date: December 4, 2018

Book Blurb:

Beloved and bestselling author of Amish romance Kathleen Fuller reminds us that sometimes opposites really do attract.

“A heartwarming story of unexpected romance woven with fun and engaging characters who come to life on every page.”–Amy Clipston, bestselling author of A Seat by the Hearth

If there is one thing Christian Ropp will not allow in his classroom—or his life—it is chaos. So why is he drawn to Ruby Glick, a woman who seems to bring mayhem wherever she goes?

Christian Ropp moves to Birch Creek to accept a teaching position in the rapidly growing Amish community. He’s determined to put the rambunctious school in order as well as check another task off his list: finding a wife. Of course, that would be much easier if women were like textbooks, straightforward and logical.

When an accident puts Christian out of commission, a new community member named Ruby Glick takes over his classroom. But Ruby’s exuberant teaching style clashes with Christian’s careful methods and he worries his students will never be the same.

With a track record of catastrophe, Ruby always feels too clumsy, too distracted, too . . . much. Desperate for a chance to prove that she can do more than make mistakes in her life, she throws herself into her new teaching position. But when Christian can’t seem to stay out of her way, she finds herself slipping into old, chaotic tendencies.

What she doesn’t anticipate is that Christian’s heart is slowly catching up with his mind—and she, too, must decide whether to follow logic or love.

“Kathleen Fuller has written a sweet, oftentimes humorous, romance that reminds readers that the perfect match might be right in front of their noses.”–Kelly Irvin, bestselling author of the Every Amish Season series

“Kathleen Fuller is a master storyteller and fans will absolutely fall in love with Ruby and Christian in The Teacher’s Bride.” –Ruth Reid, bestselling author of the Amish Mercies series

“Kathy Fuller’s characters leap off the page with subtle power as she uses both wit and wisdom to entertain!”–Kelly Long, national bestselling author

“The story will captivate you from the first page to the last with Ruby, Christian, and engaging characters. You’ll laugh, gasp, and wonder what will happen next.” –Molly Jebber, Speaker and Award Winning Author of Grace’s Forgiveness and the Amish Keepsake Pocket Quilt Series

Book Review:

In The Teacher’s Bride, we have a true case of ‘opposites attract’ although neither of them realizes the attraction for quite a while. Ruby can’t seem to do anything right, and Christian isn’t happy unless everything is perfect. What could go wrong when these two decide to team up and hook the perfect spouse?

I loved Ruby’s character. She was so happy and carefree, despite those traits adding to her background role of ‘walking disaster’. It was easy to picture the straight-laced Christian becoming overwhelmed by Ruby’s antics while also gradually coming to love the woman who almost literally turned his world upside down.

There was a lot of dialogue between the characters, which was appreciated since there are several secondary characters who play a large role in helping Ruby and Christian. The mildness of the faith element surprised me, especially since this is Amish Fiction. None of the characters prayed often, and although they mention going to church, neither Ruby nor Christian ever seem to seek God’s guidance.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I don’t often read Amish Fiction, but this fun and witty story kept me turning pages well into the night. Anyone who’s a fan of Amish Fiction should love this book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Welcome Linda Matchett and her new release: Love’s Rescue

This morning we have the wonderful Linda Matchett on the blog. She is going to give you a little behind the story adventure on her newest release, Love’s Rescue. I’ll be reviewing this book soon, and I’m very excited!

Love’s Rescue: The Story behind the Story
By Linda Shenton Matchett

I was recently asked by a reader where I get my story ideas. It’s a common question that authors often receive. For me, ideas come from numerous sources such as books, movies, or television shows, sometimes because I don’t like the way a topic is covered or the way the story ends, or sometimes because a kernel of an idea sprouts from something a character does or says.

For example, the idea for A Love Not Forgotten in which a downed pilot experiences amnesia came from a gag in a sit-com. Newspaper and magazine articles are also great sources, especially for mysteries, because as it is said: “truth is stranger than fiction.” Overheard conversations can also lead to story ideas, especially if only a snippet is available.

For Love’s Rescue, I turned to the Old Testament.

As the second in my Wartime Bride series that began with a retelling of the book of Ruth set during WWII, Love’s Rescue needed to be another biblical retelling. I scoured books and commentaries searching for just the right woman and scenario. Because the story would also be set during WWII, the biblical version needed to “carryover” to that era.
After several days, I came upon Rahab; a harlot (prostitute), a pagan, and an enemy of Israel by virtue of her citizenship as a Canaanite. Lots have been written about Rahab by scholars as well as novelists, but I am not aware of her story being retold in a modern setting.

Having read about the prostitutes and other women in France who slept with their German occupiers, I felt Rahab’s story would fit. Further research unearthed an interesting parallel between the fall of Jericho and the liberation of Paris: the inhabitants of both cities knew the invasions were coming, with time to prepare for defense. Yet in both cases, the cities fell to the “good guys.”

I don’t know that spies were necessary to the campaign to free the City of Light, but thought at a minimum, scouts would be used to ascertain the “lay of the land.” That allowed me to include the Hebrew spies.

My aim with Love’s Rescue is to explore how God often uses the most unlikely people to further His kingdom. I also want to shine the light on what it was like to try to survive living in an occupied country. I hope my story honors those ordinary people of the Greatest Generation who chose to do extraordinary deeds in order to defeat evil.

Book Blurb:       Love'sRescueCoverSmall.jpg

A prostitute, a spy, and the liberation of Paris.
Sold by her parents to settle a debt, Rolande Bisset is forced into prostitution. Years later,
shunned by her family and most of society, it’s the only way she knows how to subsist. When the Germans overrun Paris, she decides she’s had enough of evil men controlling her life and uses her wiles to obtain information for the Allied forces. Branded a collaborator, her life hangs in the balance. Then an American spy stumbles onto her doorstep. Is redemption within her grasp?

Simon Harlow is one of an elite corps of American soldiers. Regularly chosen for dangerous covert missions, he is tasked with infiltrating Paris to ascertain the Axis’s defenses. Nearly caught by German forces moments after arriving, he owes his life to the beautiful prostitute who claims she’s been waiting for the Allies to arrive. Her lifestyle goes against everything he believes in, but will she steal his heart during his quest to liberate her city?
Inspired by the biblical story of Rahab, Love’s Rescue is a tale of faith and hope during one of history’s darkest periods.
Purchase Link: Love’s Rescue

Author Bio:     linda matchett

Linda Shenton Matchett is an author, speaker, and history geek. A native of Baltimore,
Maryland she was born a stone’s throw from Fort McHenry and has lived in historic places all her life. Linda is a member of ACFW, RWA, and Sisters in Crime. She is a volunteer docent and archivist at the Wright Museum of WWII and a trustee for her local public library. Linda and her husband live in central New Hampshire.
Social Media Links:
Amazon Author Page:
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Uninvited by Beckie Lindsey: Tour, Review, and Giveaway with Celebrate Lit

About the Book

Uninvited Cover

Book: Uninvited

Author: Beckie Lindsey

Genre: YA

Release Date: 9/16/2018

Every girl has a secret she hopes the light will never find—

but the demons already have.

Battles between unseen forces of good and evil have made unlikely friends out of high school juniors Krystal, Mackenzie, Tammi, and Sadie, who share similar secrets from their traumatic pasts.

As Krystal’s lifelong friendship with Bryce grows into something more, her new friendship with Mackenzie is tested.

While Tammi and Sadie heal from their injuries caused by a horrific accident, their deeper wounds fester as tension grown between them.

When a handsome nurse and a sultry singer join the group, things become even more tangled.

Will the relationships survive the epic spiritual battles raging around them? Or will the demons keep them chained to their secrets?


Click here to purchase your copy.


Book Review:

Uninvited takes a view that I never expected on the war between God’s children and the trials that we face. It was a wonderful perspective and one that made complete sense. It’s difficult to say everything I want to say without possible spoilers, but I will do my very best. The idea that our battles take a tangible presence is something that never occurred to me. Spiritual battles that lead to physical sin take on an entirely different meaning in Uninvited. The characters are all suffering, they each have a past, and a present, that is painful and relevant to today’s culture.

The writing is powerful without becoming crude, and readers are warned ahead of time that Uninvited contains content that may be uncomfortable for some readers. No intense details are given, but the emotions are heartfelt and the characters reactions show both sides of the war between God and the minions of evil.

Although the story follows a group of high school juniors, the battles are those of all mankind, from young to old, male to female. We all will have our battles, and Uninvited shows how God is always there when we need Him.

About the Author

Beckie Lindsay  Beckie Lindsey is an award-winning author, poet, blogger, and the editor of Southern California Christian Voice, a division of One Christian Voice, a national news syndicating agency. She is a major coffeeholic and enjoys a good book with a cat on her lap. She also loves to hike and hang out with family and friends. Beckie and her husband, Scott have three adult children, two adorable cats and live in California.


Guest Post from Beckie



I believe a teenager still exists inside each of us.

We hear a familiar tune from our “glory days” and are instantly tapping our toes. Mentally, we’re back in high school —poofy bangs, scrunchie, neon off-the-shoulder sweatshirt — and all. Oh, wait. That’s me back in the ‘80s!

Ah, yes. There is something wonderfully awful about those coming-of-age years.

From the first kiss to the first breakup, there are memories we cherish and some we don’t care to ever revisit. Being a teen can be exciting, confusing, painful, joyous, or even all of those things at once!

No matter how different your teenage experience was from mine, one thing is true for us all: these years have an enormous impact on who we become as adults. We can all sympathize with the plight of puberty and the longing for independence and acceptance. Yeah, there’s still a teenager in all of us!

These are the reasons I write YA.

My hope is to use the power of storytelling to move past barriers and open hearts to accept how much God loves and desires a personal relationship with us.

At every age, we all need the grace and love of Jesus.

In the Beauties from Ashes (BFA) series, I write about relatable characters with difficult issues and traumatic pasts to enlighten readers about the unseen spiritual battle referred to in Scripture. Each character has a secret that has left them vulnerable to the battle in an invisible realm where demonic creatures fight to keep them chained to their pasts and angels of light work to free them.

The characters and their issues are complex, just like real life. In fact, some of the topics are often considered too taboo to talk about openly. But what is left in the dark, festers and grows. It is only in the light that we can be free. In the BFA series, readers experience the character’s quest for truth, love, grace, and freedom while hopefully finding the same for themselves.


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To celebrate her tour, Beckie is giving away a grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!!

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