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Blessings in the Bargain Release Week Fun

Blessings in the Bargain by Kari Trumbo

About the book:

Title: Blessings in the Bargain

Author: Kari Trumbo

Despite a career in logistics, Courtney is unprepared to get lost at sea…

A fated trip to the docks with her closest pal Annie leads to disaster. Ship Captain Lex Ford agrees to take Courtney and two of her friends on what was to be a quick trip to test a new boat. A dangerous storm traps them against a reef, damaging communications and stranding them at sea.

Lex knew this was a bad idea…

He hated having people on his ship with him. Ever since his partner left, he doesn’t share his life with anything but the seagulls. So, when Courtney’s friend Rafe offers him a deal on a new boat, he’d rather ignore the offer.

His heart isn’t ready for how he feels about Courtney, and watching her brave the elements after the storm makes him want to protect her. But the last woman he loved just walked away. And what about their age gap? He’s far older than her. The Lord is good at turning bad situations for good, but can even He make this mess right?

This Breakers Head novel is Kari Trumbo’s final novel in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

Party time!

Opposites attract is the name of the game today. With a bit of a twist. Today we’re discussing learning that maybe you’re not as opposite as you think. Kari asked us to answer the question of whether we have a friend who is our opposite but we still love them.

The answer is, of course! While I don’t claim to have a ton of friends, I do have several that I claim near and dear to my heart. Many of them are bookish friends, which means we always have a lot to talk about. And I am opposite to a few of them. Mostly in the introvert/extrovert scale. I’m 100% introvert. I’ve mentioned it before, I’m sure it’s not a shock. A few of my friends are highly extroverted. Which means if we’re together in person, it’s a game of social differences with each of us having to consider the other’s feelings.

Do I still love this friend? Absolutely!


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