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Interview with Ellie Gustafson and her book: An Unpresentable Glory

Today I want to welcome Eleanor Gustafson to the blog! I know I mention covers all the time, but come on, you all know we love them!! You can't go wrong with flowers. On to the interview!!! I was a little nosy with my questions today. Do you travel to locations to get a personal… Continue reading Interview with Ellie Gustafson and her book: An Unpresentable Glory

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Gail Sattler: Author Interview

Good Morning!! Today we have Gail Sattler back on the blog for a little Q & A. In case you missed it, Gail was here last week with some information on her new release The Other Neighbor. If you missed that post, feel free to check it out. It's full of good things. Now on to… Continue reading Gail Sattler: Author Interview


Author interview with Tina Wanamaker

Today I am going to share with you an interview that I had the pleasure of conducting earlier this week. First off, I will share with you the description of her book. Blurb has been copied from Amazon. Description Women seek a close relationship to each other and their heavenly Father, and Characteristics of a… Continue reading Author interview with Tina Wanamaker

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Book Review and Interview with Marlie Love

Today's book review and interview is brought to you by (don't tell me you didn't just read that in the Sesame Street voice). Let's try again. Today's book is Five steps to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny, by Marlie Love. It was my great pleasure to interview Mrs. Love earlier this week after reading her… Continue reading Book Review and Interview with Marlie Love

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Book Review and Interview

Welcome to another book review and author interview. Today's edition is brought to you by Emily Yager's book Chasing the Hunter. I am going to post the interview first and then we'll jump into the book review. Here we go. What was your inspiration for writing Chasing the Hunter? As a history geek, I love… Continue reading Book Review and Interview