Madness in Wonderland

Madness in Wonderland by Tabitha Bouldin About the book: Title: Madness in Wonderland Author: Tabitha Bouldin Release Date: March 8, 2022 Genre: Steampunk fairy tale retelling Wonderland is in trouble. Under the rule of the Red Queen, Wonderland is under constant threat. In fear for her throne, children are taken into the queen’s army and… Continue reading Madness in Wonderland

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Flipping Hearts Release Fun

Flipping Hearts Release Party!! Flipping Hearts by Chautona Havig is out in the world, and we're here to celebrate! For Chautona's release, we're talking DIY. I'm not a big DIYer. I mean, I'd love to be, but, let's face it, you don't want to turn me loose with power tools. Unless it's for destruction purposes.… Continue reading Flipping Hearts Release Fun

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Every Window Filled with Light

Every Window Filled with Light by Shelia Stovall: Book Review, Tour, and Giveaway with Celebrate Lit. About the Book Book:  Every Window Filled with Light Author: Shelia Stovall Genre: Contemporary Women’s Christian Fiction Release date: April 2, 2021 Welcome to Weldon, Kentucky, where the only things the locals love more than fried pies are gossip and match-making. Librarian Emma… Continue reading Every Window Filled with Light

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Have you ever had an Oh, Gracious! moment?

Oh, Gracious! by Chautona Havig: Book Review About the Book Book:  Oh, Gracious! Author: Chautona Havig Genre:  Christian fiction, contemporary Romance, woman’s fiction Release Date: March 31, 2020 Life is too short to settle for just anyone.Grace gave her whole heart to Jesus, but now he wants a part of it. All she ever wanted was to be a… Continue reading Have you ever had an Oh, Gracious! moment?

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Can love be Restored before he loses his second chance for the life he always wanted?

About the Book Book: Restored Author: Tanya Eavenson Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance Release date: February 10, 2016  Sometimes love arrives when you least expect it. Dr. Steven Moore is known nationally for saving lives. If only he could save his own. Unable to deal with his prognosis, he retreats to a happier time in his past—to the woman who… Continue reading Can love be Restored before he loses his second chance for the life he always wanted?