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Step back in time…

aseasonofgraceBook Review: A Season of Grace (Under Northern Skies Book #3) by Lauraine Snelling

Blurb courtesy of Amazon:

In 1910 Minnesota, Nilda Carlson’s dreams are coming true. Though her first few months in America were difficult, her life now resembles the images that filled her daydreams in Norway. She and her younger brother Ivar live in their own house, just a short distance from her older brother and his family. Together they work the farm and fell trees for lumber. They plan to grow a dairy herd, weave rugs out of their own wool, and make skis to sell. Everything is going right.

The only thing missing from Nilda’s life is love. But though she has two suitors–a quiet schoolteacher and a handsome lumberjack–Nilda feels hesitant. A terrifying experience in Norway has made her cautious where men are concerned. When she thinks she sees the man in question, all her fears come flooding back. Is it possible the danger has followed her across the Atlantic? If Dreng Nygaard is truly in Minnesota, all of her dreams for the future could come crashing down around her.

And My Thoughts:

First of all, I have to admit that I cut my proverbial Christian Fiction teeth on Lauraine Snelling and Janette Oke so I am partial to their stories. That aside, Snelling is a weaver of wonderful storylines that always leave you coming back for more. Normally, I am not one who jumps into the middle or end of a series. That has been happening more and more lately, however, and I can usually count on Snelling to help clear the way when I do leap into a series at some random point. Her books tend to have a multitude of characters, and A Season of Grace is no different. While the story is primarily about Nilda, several plots from books previously written in the series are wrapped up in A Season of Grace. 

Snelling has a way of introducing you to characters so that they all become important to you. I spent years with the sprawling Bjorklund family in her multiple Blessing series, and to have this new family connected to them made me smile. It was nice to hear from familiar friends even as a new family captured my attention. The ability of Snelling to capture the essence of life and how it was lived in the remote lands is astounding. Her books cover more than just the desire of a woman to find a husband and raise a family.

A Season of Grace wraps up the trouble Signe and Rune faced at the beginning of the series and brings Nilda’s story into play. Nilda is plagued by the possible return of Dreng Nygaard. She must be stronger than ever before if she is to face this old threat in her new world. While most of the book is about Nilda’s transition from farm life to that of assistant to a wealthy businesswoman, we get peeks into the budding romance between Nilda and her two potential suitors.

As expected, A Season of Grace is written with God at the core of every matter. Every member of the family has a strong faith that they lean upon during every moment. Their ability to trust God always pushes me to broaden my own strength. All too often we try to handle matters ourselves when God is there waiting to take the burden from us. We only have to sacrifice our own will and wait for God’s season of grace to fall upon us.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley. I was not required to leave a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

1 thought on “Step back in time…”

  1. The cover art is AMAZING! I agree it’s easy to be drawn to books by your favorite authors. Janette Oke is one of my top faves but I’ve read and loved some of Lorraine’s others as well 🙂


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