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It’s not every day you find a true warrior…

reluctant warriorBook Review: The Reluctant Warrior by Mary Connealy

First, the blurb…courtesy of Amazon.

Union army officer Cameron Scott is used to being obeyed, but nothing about this journey to Lake Tahoe has gone as expected. He’s come to fetch his daughter and nephew, and seek revenge on the people who killed his brother. Instead he finds himself trapped by a blizzard with two children who are terrified of him and stubborn but beautiful Gwen Harkness, who he worries may be trying to keep the children.

When danger descends on the cabin where they’re huddled, Cam is hurt trying to protect everyone and now finds Gwen caring for him too. He soon realizes why the kids love her so much and wonders if it might be best for him to move on without them. When she sees his broken heart, Gwen decides to help him win back their affection–and in the process he might just win her heart as well.

And my thoughts:

This is book 2 in the High Sierra Sweethearts series. I love when you can pick up a series from anywhere and not feel lost. That’s exactly what Mary Connealy is capable of. I have not read book 1, but I did not feel that book 2 was disjointed by my lack of knowledge of who everyone was. Connealy gives you enough information from book 1 to make you want to read it, all while drawing you into the story of Cam and Gwen.

The Reluctant Warrior begins by dropping you straight into the action. It is obvious from the start that this will be a battle all the way through, and Cam is more than willing to walk the battlefield once more. Cam is a born leader, used to barking out orders and having them obeyed thanks to his time spent in the war. Those traits do him little good when it comes to winning the hearts of his daughter and nephew. It takes a strong man to be willing to risk changing who he has always been, but Cam is willing to try if it means he might someday earn his family’s trust.

The verse ‘Do not be afraid’ is paramount in The Reluctant Warrior, and both Cam and Gwen must take it to heart while struggling to come to grips with their feelings for one another while being hunted by the persistent Raddo. It is always a relief to read characters who are not afraid to admit to their fears. Admitting fear is the first step to overcoming that fear. Our trust in God does not mean that fear never slips into our thoughts, it only means that we know where to turn when fear rears its ugly head.

I have a great deal of respect for men and women who made the treacherous westward journey. Their strength and courage are what make stories like Cam and Gwen’s worth reading. Women of the west had to become more; they had to be stronger, braver, and more courageous than ever before. The women of the High Sierra Sweethearts series are exactly that. They might have men to protect them, but they are capable of facing death and tragedy while protecting themselves and those that they love. The men of the series don’t coddle the women. While they have a deep desire to protect them, they understand that the best protection is to teach them how to protect themselves.

When it was all said and done, after the final page was turned, I had to give a big sigh of regret that the book was over. Needless to say, I will be reading the rest of the books in the series…and you should too.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. I was not required to leave a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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