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What happens when God says no?

I asked God a question, and I didn't like His answer. We've all been there, I assume. But bear with me for a few moments as I take you through something I learned this week. Monday: Normal day, right. Just another Monday. I have my list of things to do, and I'm checking them off.… Continue reading What happens when God says no?

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A Dim Reflection: Promo Blast and Book Review

Back Cover Copy: William Caverly can't seem to understand the unsettling feeling that has been nagging him for far too long. Memories of a baby sister are forever haunting his waking hours, and as he sleeps at night, he is repeatedly awakened by nightmares, confusing ones that he'd rather forget. His baby sister died. He… Continue reading A Dim Reflection: Promo Blast and Book Review


Book Birthday Celebration!!

Are you ready for this? My first book, Trial by Courage, turns one tomorrow. I would wait until then to post, but I have two book reviews scheduled to go live tomorrow and I don't want to take away from their special day. I'm sure everyone is waiting for the big "Birthday Giveaway" or "Free Book"… Continue reading Book Birthday Celebration!!