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The Elnora Monet: Release Party!

The Elnora Monet by Rachel Skatvold: Release Party and a Giveaway!

elnora monet rachel skatvold

Islanders call him the Elnora Monet.

Is that island speak for “pompous, arrogant jerk?”

When Carly Mulligan volunteered to make house calls on Elnora, she never imagined treating the richest cat on the islands. What other feline has his own wing in a mansion like the Belshaw Estate?

After a wrong turn in the mansion, Carly stumbles across a secret room—one filled with incredible paintings. Perhaps there’s something more to the man than she first thought.

Most people envy Jean-Luc Belshaw’s position. The heir to a lucrative business and family fortune, he should have everything he could dream of.

But Luc dreams of days past. Days when he traveled the world with his wife and painted the breathings of his soul disappeared with Angeline’s passing.  Faith and inspiration gone, he wonders if returning to France to take his place in his father’s business is the right thing to do.

Carly has a few relational demons of her own, and she’s reluctant to trust him, but Luc’s paintings draw her in even as his story touches a long-empty place in her heart.

Only God can transform two broken pasts into a work of art.

The Elnora Monet continues the Elnora Island romances of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.
The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

Party time!

For Rachel’s release, we were asked “What’s your favorite thing to create?”

I thought it would be an easy question, but I forgot how many hobbies I have. I don’t paint like Luc from The Elnora Monet but I love photography. But I don’t create the pictures, I photograph what I enjoy.

Then I remembered my sewing. Years ago, I started sewing Christmas stockings for my kids, then I moved on to sewing one for my nephews. I’d like to say I have them all done, but I don’t. I also wish I could say I have pictures of them all. Again, I don’t. Most of them are at my mom’s house, safely ensconced in layers of protective padding. I can show you these!

I started with one for each of our boys. Look at that handwriting! Ugh. This was before I started using templates to curb my childish scrawl into something palatable.

I’m not a sewing machine aficionado. I sew these by hand, following the instructions given in the kit. I love it, and it’s surprisingly relaxing. I’ve always been a person who enjoys being able to see their progress on a project, and with these kits, that’s exactly what I get. After I finished these two, I moved on to creating a set for my mom to keep at her house. Here’s that effort.

I promise the newer ones have better lettering. Now I want to go find them. I still need to sew at least six more to have one for each member of my family. I better get to work!


Enter HERE

You could win a copy of the book and $5 Amazon gift card.

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