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Book Review: Freedom’s Light by Colleen Coble

freedoms light

Blurb courtesy of Amazon:

A young lighthouse keeper must navigate the dangerous waters of revolution and one man’s obsession with her to find safe harbor with the sea captain she loves.

Hannah Thomas believes she’s escaped Galen Wright’s evil intentions by marrying an older lighthouse keeper. Seemingly safe in faraway Massachusetts, her world is upended when John is killed in one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. Hannah is allowed to continue the difficult task of tending the twin lighthouses in John’s place, though she faces daily disapproval from John’s family. She thinks her loneliness will subside when her younger sister arrives, but she finds Lydia’s obsession with Galen only escalates the dangerous tides swirling around her.

A stormy night brings a shipwrecked sea captain to Hannah’s door, and though he is a Tory, her heart is as traitorous as the dark-eyed captain. Even though she discovers Birch Meredith isn’t the enemy he seemed at first, Hannah isn’t sure their love will ever see the light of freedom.

And my thoughts:

Freedom’s Light is another moving read by Colleen Coble. A story of love, challenge, fear, and vengeance. It’s not often you have so many emotions running rampant within a single novel, but this one fits the bill. There are so many characters to contend with that the first few chapters made me sure I would never sort everyone out. That is part of the charm in Coble’s books. She never brings you a single perspective when the story can be rounded out so well between multiple characters.

Freedom’s Light tells of love in the midst of a land torn apart by war, but it is not the singular love story between man and woman…although, that is the strongest thread. There is the love of sisters between Hannah and Lydia. The kind of love between family where you love them in spite of the differences between you. Since Hannah and Lydia have opposing opinions for both who should win the war and for the handsome Galen, it is only their love of one another that keeps them from falling into hatred. There is the love of self that Lydia embodies. Young, naive, and willful, Lydia can see nothing beyond her own desires.

Then we have the heart of the matter. When Hannah rescued Captain Birch from the wreckage of his ship, she never expected to find love. But Birch’s path is set on vengeance, and nothing will sway his course… Not even his love of the beautiful Hannah. Hannah would like nothing more than for Birch to give up his quest of vengeance for his brother. Birch would like nothing more than for Hannah to marry him in spite of his vow for revenge. God’s word says that we be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, and Hannah believes this unyieldingly. Birch’s voyage of vengeance keeps him from God, and from Hannah. If he wants to have the love of his life, he must give vengeance to God. It is not up to us to dole out justice for wrongdoing. Vengeance belongs to God. Only Birch can decide which is more important to him.

Hannah must be given due credit. She is the only one with strength enough to stand against the swelling tides of persecution and vengeance. Only she stays close to God and His all-powerful presence. It is up to her to help guide the wayward Captain safely home when his journey for vengeance threatens his very soul. It is up to her to help guide her sister from her destructive path. On top of that, Hannah is given no small task in her duty of keeping the lamps of the lighthouse glowing bright, and though she begrudges the circumstances, Hannah will not neglect her duty. Hannah’s strength is a beacon of hope in the darkness of night. She might man the lighthouse for the safety of sailors, but Hannah herself is the lighthouse of God’s grace.

I love that there is not just a single love story within the pages of Freedom’s Light. We get the story of no less than 3 women, with each one of them tangled intricately together in the spider web that Coble weaves. Hannah’s story is the most prevalent, but they all work within the confines of the plot. Freedom’s Light is a perfect example of why we should not chase after vengeance for our own sakes. The history and detail of the war as it was described within the pages was well-thought out and gives a different perspective for people on either side. It actually made me sit back and think for a while before I could fully appreciate all the intricacies.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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