Her Merriweather Hero Release Day Fun!

We are so excited about the release of the next book in the Independence Islands Series – Her Merriweather Hero by Rachel Skatvold (New to the Independence Islands Series? Start HERE).

To celebrate, we are hosting a fun blog hop where you can take a quiz to find your island pet and enter to win some fun prizes! My pet is Daphne, an Afghan Hound with as much attitude as she has hair. Daphne belongs to an elderly woman named Miss Evelyn. No, that’s not a typo, Miss Evelyn never married. This rambunctious hound loves to cause trouble for Mel. As an independent breed, Daphne enjoys frolicking in the sand, and maybe rolling in the occasional pile of fish guts. How else is she to ensure Miss Evelyn gets her money’s worth when Mel comes to groom her pet? Daphne is also incredibly loyal, and she is a sucker for pretty baubles, like the pearls Miss Evelyn loves to wear.

Follow along with the other Independence Islands authors for more information on the pets and join in the fun. We will each be hosting a pet of our own.

Rachel Skatvold: October 27

Carolyn Miller: October 29

Chautona Havig: October 30

Melissa Wardwell: October 31

Kari Trumbo: November 1

Sandy Barela (CL Pub Site): November 2


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