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Jophiel’s Secret

Jophiel’s Secret by Johanna Frank: Author Interview, Tour, and Giveaway with Celebrate Lit.

About the Book

Book: Jophiel’s Secret

Author: Johanna Frank

Genre: Fiction Fantasy

Release date: December 1, 2022

When the powerful angelic escort, Jophiel, falls to earth and becomes a cherished son, Joppha, but then goes missing, a cosmic battle ensues over the young lad’s mortality. Kingdom Authoritarians conspire to outsmart the Rebel’s vengeful plan to destroy little Joppha and sabotage his eternity. While in small town Havensight, law enforcement clash with Joppha’s family as they scramble to find someone to blame.

Many wills are at play. But all Joppha wants is to go home.

A standalone read, Jophiel’s Secret is part of A Lifeline Fantasy Series by Johanna Frank, where an adopted line of descendants must survive perpetual rebel attacks on their character. The series begins with The Gatekeeper’s Descendants where this new world is introduced and carries on into Jophiel’s Secret with Pipiera, Matthew, Megalos and Kasartha among others coming with.

If you like stories that take place in a world beyond with everlasting connections, you will definitely enjoy Jophiel’s Secret!

Soulful, whimsical, and venturous.

Click here to get your copy!

Author Interview:

What makes your main characters tick?

Their motivation comes from being stuck in the past, in the mud so-to-speak, and trying
desperately to break free. Each with their own unique sense of self-awareness and a need for certainty drives them forward, mostly to relieve an affliction or another’s distress, but not all are so generous with their wills.

What was the highlight of writing this book?

One key highlight for me—I came to know Jophiel, a character from Book #1, The Gatekeeper’s Descendants, much better and enjoyed watching his own journey flourish in a way that I personally struggled with when creating it. He forced me to ponder about life in its truest form.
Another highlight—finishing the manuscript! Always so awesome to move into the publication phase following plenty of spit and polish.

Did you have an “aha” moment where everything came together?

I certainly did. I reached a point in the story where I argued with myself a great deal as to the direction and distance of a certain character’s growth (Jophiel). I took a pause in my writing until I could come to an agreement (with myself as a mother, myself as a writer, and with the character!). Otherwise, the cost could be many rewrites and a non-satisfying manuscript. I learned, and am thankful for, the invaluable benefit of sitting still and quiet; a time for answers to arrive ever so simply.

Are you working on your next book already? What can you tell us?

Yes, indeed! Currently, much is formulating in my mind, recognizing that I will need several weeks, at least, to invest in research before I actually begin to pen the story. Plus the research itself, I am sure, will stimulate even more inspiration. A Lifeline Fantasy Series will be comprised of five books, and they are not coming out in order of timeline. The next book in the series, #3, will go back in time to address the adversary, the rebel character Kasartha, and will incorporate his journey on Earth. I literally cannot wait to start writing, although, I know full well, this book will be an even greater challenge. One I welcome.

What’s your favorite writing snack?

I have come to absolutely love hot air popped popcorn, mixed with butter-infused olive oil, truffle salt and freshly grated parmesan cheese! It’s messy on the fingertips, hence a slippery keyboard, so it’s usually a reward after I’ve had a good writing stretch. Little rewards make me happy and get me through my day.

About the Author

Author of The Gatekeeper’s Descendants and Jophiel’s Secret, Johanna writes fiction fantasy with deeper meanings—creating adventures in the world beyond, where everlasting connections exist alongside good old-fashioned battles of good versus evil.

She and hubby enjoy a life filled with the satisfaction coming from hard work and the love and grace captured from treasured family. The fresh greens and sky blues of Ontario summer months, the just out-of-the-oven aromas at European piazzas, and the tender grips of a grandchild’s hug are at the tip-top of Johanna’s most-loved list.

Her commitment to her readers—stories that are soulful, whimsical, and venturous. Because Johanna feels that even a little bit of heavenly imagination can loosen the chains of life.

More from Johanna

I invite you into a world beyond our understanding—one, I hazard to guess, we inevitably wonder about at least once in our lifetime. What exactly do those who have gone before us face after living out their days on earth? What could their watching over us really look like? Did they actually go through a gate? And ah, which one, we might joke.

I dare not suggest I can answer such questions. But take some theological renderings, a good dose of the whole heaven’s gate scene, bits of philosophical ideology about evil, and add in some lovable supernatural characters—the good versus nasty kind, and then? Well, suddenly there’s plenty of havoc to play out on the lives of unsuspecting earthlings, like us, simply trying to get through life as it comes.

A Lifeline Fantasy Series begins with The Gatekeeper’s Descendants where this new world is introduced and carries on into Jophiel’s Secret with all the main characters coming with, though, I must admit, they’ve matured somewhat between the two novels.

Jophiel’s Secret is written such that it can be read as a stand-alone novel. If you like page turning fantasy, celestial imagination, and a few good tugs at your heartstrings, I encourage you to check it out! And I’d love to hear your views.

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To celebrate her tour, Johanna is giving away the grand prize package of a$50 Amazon Gift and a copy of The Gatekeeper’s Descendants and Jophiel’s Secret!!

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8 thoughts on “Jophiel’s Secret”

  1. Thank you for sharing your interview, bio and book details, Jophiel’s Secret sounds like a great story and I am looking forward to reading it


  2. Congratulations on your upcoming release of Jophiel’s Secret, Johanna! I enjoyed reading the interview and learning more about you and your book and I enjoyed following the tour! Your book sounds like an excellent fantasy read for me and I love the cover! Good luck with your book and I hope the tour was a success!

    Thanks for sharing it with me and have a terrific day!


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