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Canceled by John Faubion

Canceled by John Faubion: Interview, Tour, and Giveaway with Celebrate Lit.

About the Book

Book: Canceled

Author: John Faubion

Genre: Christian Thriller

Release date: November 14, 2021


Jerold Steele has been canceled. His identity is stolen. His job is gone. Even more bizarre, the people around him are dying.

Each one was stalked and killed by a supernatural menace that hides

in darkness, and preys on the mind.

Facing exposure, the killer is eliminating every person that threatens him. In his world, there’s only room for one superman, and that superman is going to be him.

Brenda Neal wants to trust him, but the deaths terrify her. Is it better to hide, or fight with him?

CANCELED is a cutting-edge, page-turning thriller, a story you hope won’t be in tomorrow’s headlines.

Read CANCELED to find out what happens when the only thing that will stop a killer is Power no one never imagined.

Click here to get your copy!


What makes your main characters tick?

Fear of the unknown. The feeling that everything around them is spinning out of control, and that they have nowhere to turn. Both MCs start out self-assured, then rapidly become people that need each other. As a result of that, they learn that they can’t do anything without knowing God.

What was the highlight of writing this book?

My fourth daughter about 14 years old, and in a creative writing class at the time. This was the first book I had attemped. I wrote a few chapters, then showed them to her.

She said, “Dad, there’s no conflict!”

I thought that was a compliment, and said, “Nope!”

“Dad, you have to have conflict.”


I realized I didn’t know what I was doing. From that point I started to learn writing in earnest. It took me a year to put this book together and learn to love conflict. LOL

Even though this was the first book I wrote, I sat on it for a while, wanting to make sure there would be a market for it. In the meantime, I wrote a Suspense novel, “Friend Me” which was published by a Simon and Schuster imprint. Once I had that confidence, I went back to this one (“Canceled”) and redid it with the skills I’d been acquiring along the way. I like the result, and hope others do too.

Did you have an “aha” moment where everything came together?

I knew where I was going with this. I wanted a Christian version of an old “novel of menace” written back in the fifties named “The Power.” In that novel, evil triumphs. Not for me. I like the way this turns out far better.

Are you working on your next book already? What can you tell us?

I’ve got two going on at the same time.

One is a cozy mystery named The Corpse In The Casserole. This is great fun to write. I plan to self-publish it this year. The main character is a semi-retired pastor, his grandson for a sidekick, and a helpful ferret that finds things the police can’t. This will be part of a series.

The second is prophetic fiction, titled The View From Earth, and will be the first in a series of three books. Each is a series of short stories that take the reader through real-life experiences during the seven great prophetic years (Tribulation period) to come. The stories for book one are already complete.

What authors would you say influence your writing?

Without a doubt, the authors of the “Golden Age” of science fiction. Lester Del Ray, Cyril Kornbluth, Frederick Pohl, James Blish. Men like that.

What famous author do you wish could be your mentor?

My favorite Christian author is Tosca Lee. She would be the one.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I have an old car hobby. Out in my barn I have a 1949 Packard. I need to get that running again. Last summer I worked on a 1979 MG Roadster, which I’ll be driving all this summer. Fun!, I also have a 1979 Triumph Spitfire that I love. You can probably tell I’m mainly into little sports cars. My wife thinks selling a few, as opposed to buying new ones, might be a good idea. I’m thinking about that. But not a lot.

What’s your favorite writing snack?]

No one is going to like this. Popcorn and tamales.

How long, on average, does it take you to write a book?

About a year. I hope to get a lot better with that. I think if I did more plotting in advance it would help.

What has influenced you the most as a writer?

The death of my first wife. I lost her at twenty-six years of marriage. God gave me much for “heart” for people during that time. I don’t think I’d have been much of a writer without that experience. God gave me another wonderful wife after that, with whom I’ve been married another thirty-plus years. It’s experiences like this that influence our lives the most.

Do you write in one genre or several?

A couple. I think I’m going to stick with Christian Romantic Suspense and Cozy Mysteries. Of course, I already said I was doing Prophetic Fiction, so I guess I need to amend what I said to three. Who knows? Part of the fun of writing is that you go where you want to!


I spent about thirty years as a foreign missionary. I still speak pretty good Chinese. After that, over twenty years in software development. Now I’m retired from all that. My heart is still in Christian service. Writing in ways that glorify God is a good way to do that.

About the Author

John Faubion was a foreign missionary in Vietnam, Guam and to the Chinese for nearly thirty years. Then a professional software engineer for more than twenty years after that.

He’s the father of five children, and lives in central Indiana with his wife.

More from John

Cancel Culture? This is worse.

All around us we see our culture changing, and not for the better. Sometimes it seems like all the voices we hear are filled with anger, hatred and intolerance.

There’s a reason for that:  They are all rooted (you guessed it) in anger, hatred and intolerance.

It was time to step back and look at what it’s like to be canceled, but from an entirely different source: The Supernatural.

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To celebrate his tour, John is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Amazon gift card, along with a paperback copy of the book!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.



8 thoughts on “Canceled by John Faubion”

  1. Thank you for sharing the author’s interview and book details, Canceled sounds like an interesting read


  2. This is a great interview, and I noticed how God used the author’s daughter to show him what was missing when he first began writing his book.


  3. Great interview, John, Cancelled sounds like an exciting thriller for me to read! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a fantastic TGIF!


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