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Both Sides of the Border by Terry Overton: Author Interview, Tour, and Giveaway with Celebrate Lit.

About the Book

Book: Both Sides of the Border

Author: Terry Overton

Genre: Christian Fiction

Release date: March 30, 2021


Inspired by True Current Events.

Dolores, Ernesto, and Emilio Sanchez are on a quest to America to find work and to save their family, who has been devastated by their father’s accident and the drought in their home country of Honduras. But making their way to America would be too expensive for a family stricken by poverty. With only their faith in God to see them through, the teenaged siblings set off for their new home, despite the threat from the cartel, corrupt police officers, starvation, and death.

Meanwhile, Eva Jordan is determined to start a new life on the American side of the Mexican border, hoping to shake off the scars from a horrible marriage. Despite her mother’s concern for her daughter living so close to the border, Eva decides to take a vacation to the other side to sharpen up her Spanish and relax before her new job begins. She is struck by the beautiful towns of Mexico, but slowly, her eyes are opened to the dangers that are knocking at her front door.

When a hurricane washes away the border walls, will the two sides collide in hatred or unite in perfect harmony?

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Author Interview:

  • If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Don’t be discouraged by rejections and when you know God is guiding you, don’t give up-follow through!

  • What was an early experience where you learned language had power?

I didn’t realize the power of language until I began teaching at the university level. I believe it was speaking in front of groups of adults (I taught mostly graduate students) that I understood how important it is to select words carefully. Because my job as a professor required writing and publishing research to earn tenure and maintain my position, the written word became extremely important.

  • How many unpublished or half-finished novels do you have?

Right now, I have on middle grade reader (novel) that is exactly half finished and am just beginning on another. Everything else to date is published, at various stages, with signed contracts for all books (total of 8 are in progress).

  • Do you think you’ll ever complete all of them?

Yes. I know I will.

  • Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Absolutely! No question! I feel closer to God when I write. I rely on Scripture and research of Biblical history for much of my writing. I like to write about real world events, current events, and people, using fictional characters. I seek to present a Christian worldview of current events.

  • Do you have a writing schedule? A specific time of day or hours per day that you write?

I do not have a schedule per se. When I am on a project, I write daily for hours upon hours for the first draft. I then break into smaller segments of time for rewrites, edits, proofing, etc. I have a middle of the night muse that awakens me often and I begin writing at 3:00 AM many times.

  • What did you edit out of your book?

Usually needless words.

  • Do you hide little secrets in your books? 

Not really secrets but underlying themes. For example, in one of my middle grade reader series (under contract), the focus is on bullying but the middle school kid characters research and discover the history of Hitler and how he bullied the world. The underlying theme is that children should be exposed to, learn, and pay attention to history. Another middle grade reader series (under contract) is about the history of Jerusalem. I snuck that in via time travel adventures.

  • What are your favorite literary journals?

Don’t have a favorite but I read writing journals and periodicals.

  •  What makes a book successful?

If the person or child reading it begins to see the event or world through a different perspective that incorporates a Christian worldview.

  • How have your books surprised you?

I have been surprised that my own books, upon rereading them, can make me cry, or laugh out loud!

  • What was the most challenging aspect of your latest novel?

For “Both Sides of the Border,” it was the research about the places in Mexico. I have been to Mexico many times and some of the experiences of the characters are my own experiences. But I had to research actual cartel events or even things like the road routes, highways vs. toll roads, terrain of particular parts of Mexico, and the plant life, etc. It was pretty time consuming. Google Earth provided fairly up-to-date information for the geography.

About the Author


Terry Overton is a retired university professor of educational and school psychology. She has an Ed.D. in Special Education and a Ph.D. in Psychology. Her professional experience includes teaching public school, teaching at the university level, and being a college dean. She has two children and six grandchildren. Her writing and publication experiences include textbook and journal articles in the fields of special education and school psychology. She seeks to answer God’s call to share the good news and grow the church by writing Christian books and devotionals. She recently penned her first poetry book in honor of servicemen and women. Her book “Both Sides of the Border” is a Firebird Book Award winner in the categories of Cross-Genre, Socio-Political Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. She and her husband live in the southern tip of Texas where they enjoy semi-tropical weather and spending time with their friends and family.

More from Terry

As a Christian author, my goals in writing “Both Sides of the Border,” were to have the reader question their own understanding of the people and events of U.S.-Mexico border, analyze these world events through a Christian worldview, and enjoy the plot’s twists and turns. During their travels, the main characters of the story display different levels of their own faith. In the end, both women have increased their faith and understanding of God.

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To celebrate her tour, Terry is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Amazon gift card & copy of the book!!


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  1. Great interview, Terry, Both Sides of the Border sounds like a great read for me! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a sunshiny day!


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