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Who Spilled the Beans?

Guess what! Turns out, I’m a detective! I’ve been following the “Spill the Beans” stuff going on with those Ever After Mysteries and Marji Laine’s release of A Giant Murder, and it’s been bugging me. Especially since Chautona’s post seemed to have so many odd phrases in it. For example, I couldn’t figure out why she mentioned 1940s red lipstick. Can you imagine her wearing that?

Chautona? Why would she have it with her if she didn’t wear it?

Then I realized that of course, it was just illustrating a point, and it doesn’t have to be literal. But it got me thinking, and so since she seemed closest to spilling the beans, I decided to take up a new hobby.

Computer hacking.

Let’s just say this isn’t for the faint of heart. It needs all kinds of snacks, cats looking disdainfully at your pathetic efforts, and a bout of insomnia doesn’t hurt either.

But I did it. LOOK what I found on Chautona’s computer!

She kind of spilled the beans… just opened the can and knocked a few out, you might say.

But I’m spilling everything.


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