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The Midwife’s Heart: author interview

The Midwife’s Heart by Brenda Ray: Author Interview, Tour, and Giveaway with Celebrate Lit.

About the Book

Book:  The Midwife’s Heart

Author: Brenda Ray

Genre: Historical

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As Abraham’s descendants prepare to cross into the Promised Land, led by Moses, Hannah, a disillusioned midwife will be tested in ways she cannot imagine. She wanted love, a home, and children, but gave up on that dream long ago.  One heartbreak and humiliation was enough.

Ze-ev is a commander in the army, protecting his people. Busy doing what must be done, finding a wife is not his priority. Besides, when his childhood sweetheart marries another, he lost interest in securing a match to be his bride.

When he meets Hannah, they are both tested. Will either of them let down their guard long enough to trust again?

Set on the Plains of Moab, amidst attacks on the camp, spies, plague, and the unprecedented request of Zelophehad’s daughters, Ze-ev and Hannah must navigate the thorny path of the heart.

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What was the highlight of writing this book? 

The Midwife’s Heart is the first book that I self-published.  It was a learning experience, but very empowering.  Twenty years ago, when my first book was published, the industry was horrid to navigate.  There was a saying; you cannot get published without an agent and you cannot get an agent if you are not published. When I saw The Midwife’s Heart go live on Amazon, it was a shift. I no longer felt at the mercy of trends in publishing or editor’s quirks.  

Did you have an “aha” moment where everything came together?

Writing a Biblical story required serious research.  Since the Bible is such a sacred text, it especially requires a degree of reverence.  There is a critical mass moment in research when I know I have the information I need to build a few Bible scriptures into a story. In the Jewish faith, telling the “story behind the story” is called “midrash.” In that telling, I always tell my readers that it is still fiction based on recorded events. 

Are you working on your next book already? What can you tell us?

I have two new books coming out soon, though I don’t have a go-live date yet.  One is a historical romance set on a creek in Florida where I lived. I am publishing it myself.  Another is a sweet novella about a secret millionaire and is set in Texas.  It is being published by Wild Rose Press and is entitled A Love So Sweet.  The heroine is a confectioner.

When did you write your first book? Is that first one published?

I wrote my first book in 2000.  The Midwife’s Song: A Story of Moses’ Birth is the story of the Hebrew midwives of Egypt and is book one in the trilogy.  It was set in Egypt.  The Midwife’s Heart is set in the Wilderness.  Book three will be set in the Promised Land.

Do you write in one genre or several? 

I mostly write romance, but I’m working on a thriller/romance at the moment.

About the Author

Florence Dinner

RWA award-winning author, Brenda Ray, grew up along the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida.  A University of Florida trained nurse-midwife, she traveled as a military wife and raised three remarkable sons. She is now retired and writing full time in Vero Beach, FL.  A graduate of the University of Florida, as well, she is always confused during football season, but she is never confused about loving feedback from her readers.  You may contact her at: www.wildwolfwomanwriter.com

More from Brenda

I didn’t set out to be a writer.  In 1997, I was a practicing nurse-midwife, blessed to have delivered hundreds of babies.  In one day, latex allergy abruptly ended my career, ended my job, and took my health. Seven years of college felt like a waste. At times the grief felt bottomless.

My strong faith in God got me through that dark time.  My daily meditation and clinging to God’s Word were by lifelines.  One morning, while reading the second chapter of Exodus, (which I had read many times before) the story of Puah and Shiphrah struck me in a new way.

I began asking myself how that came to be.  Why would a pharaoh order his future workforce murdered?  Did all the babies arrive before the midwives could arrive or did the midwives lie? With much research and study and my own experiences as a midwife, the answers to those questions became The Midwife’s Song: A Story of Moses’ Birth.

The book started a flood of writing that continues today.  Writing is a creative process and as the Holy Scripture teach, “In the beginning, God created….”  We are told we are made in God’s image.  Thus, we ourselves are destines to create.  For me, it has been quilting, sewing, cooking, and writing.  I also write under the pen name of B. K. Ricotta. Two of a Kind is my first book under that name. A sweet novella will be released soon by Wild Rose Press entitled A Love So Sweet by B. K. Ricotta.  Finally, the finishing touches are being done on a historical romance set in Northwest Florida when it was a new state.

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To celebrate her tour, Brenda is giving away the grand prize package of an autographed copy of “The Midwife’s Song: A Story of Moses’ Birth (1st edition) and a few rainy day comfort items!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.



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