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Mishaps off the Mainland Pet Dress Up and Parade

Mishaps off the Mainland: Release day fun and a Giveaway!

Quinn is so excited. She doesn’t have a role in the book, but she became the spokeskitty for today’s event. Can you see the excitement on her furry face? She’s thrilled, I tell you! Thrilled…


Here’s the thing, we’ve always had pets.

From dogs and cats to horses and rabbits, pets have been a part of my life from my earliest memories.

So, when our boys asked for kittens, we didn’t hesitate.

Fast forward two years…

When I asked for a kitten…well, my husband only hesitated for about 3.5 seconds. As a kitten, she was even more adorable than she is now.

When that now fully grown cat lets me put her in a pirate hat and cape, he’s glad he didn’t say no to bringing her home. Who can resist that face???!

Meet Quinn! The roughest, toughest…er, laziest, prettiest pirate you’ll ever meet.

Quinn is almost two years old now, and boy has that time gone by fast. Earlier this year, the poor girl got sick. We had no idea what might be wrong, but when she started stumbling around the house and falling down, it called for a trip to the vet.

Did you know that not only do mosquitos carry viruses that attack humans but they also carry cat viruses? We certainly didn’t. Thankfully, a quick blood test and they knew exactly what to do for my precious kitty. Even then, they said it was touch and go. Treatment was about 50/50 and most of the recovery depended on the cat’s will to fight.

Quinn’s a fighter.

She also has the personality of a grandmother but with the sarcasm of a teenager. She cries if she thinks she’s home alone, and the minute you ask what she wants because she’s strolling through the house yowling, she chirps and comes running.

While the other cats are staring out the windows trying to convince the birds to come closer, Quinn is stealing someone’s seat. If you leave your seat open for more than a minute, you’ve lost it…unless someone else gets up. She chases the warm seat like my granny chased the heat from her wood stove. That woman would have sat on top of the stove if she could’ve without burning her bloomers.

And with absolutely no segue whatsoever, here’s the best part!


Enter HERE

Each day, one of the Independence Islands authors will be adding their pet to the parade. Check out each pet, then go pick your favorite to be entered in the drawing for an ebook copy of Mishaps off the Mainland and a $15 Amazon gift card.

NOTE: All links may not work before their scheduled dates. So check back each day for a new pet in the parade!

Carolyn Miller – Nov 25

Chautona Havig – Nov 26

Melissa Wardwell – Nov 27

Kari Trumbo – Nov 28

Rachel Skatvold – Nov 29

Sandy Barela – Nov 30



7 thoughts on “Mishaps off the Mainland Pet Dress Up and Parade”

  1. aww Quinn is not so sure about this. I have had cats my whole life. Did you know that they communicate through their fur? and when it is covered up they cant communicate. Just an FYI
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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