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Sky Light Ends by Donna E. Lane

Sky Light Ends by Donna E. Lane: Author Interview

Book blurb for Sky Light Ends: Whisperers Book Three –

A cataclysmic series of natural disasters, culminating in a massive meteor strike, killed a major portion of the world’s population. To survive, those left from the different species banded together to seek a place on their world not tainted by toxic fallout where they could start again. But they are thwarted at every turn by dark forces who seek the ultimate destruction of their world. Their resources are gone, and their world plunged into chaos when they discover their sky light is about to go supernova. Hope seems a distant memory. The unlikely group of survivors splinters, relationships are broken, and they face unspeakable loss. While evil plots the culmination of its plan to seal the eternal fate of the world, the group of survivors is led to a magical sphere which they are told opens a portal to another world. Now, they must transport this sphere across the devastated lands to the high mountain, and place the sphere on an altar which will activate the sphere and open the portal, before their sky light explodes and destroys their world. On the way to the mountain, they are confronted by the dark forces, and a massive battle ensues. The ragged group of survivors must they face their own despair and fear, overcome their desire for power, reach the high mountain, defeat the dark forces, and open the portal – before it is too late.


What authors would you say influence your writing?

My main influence is C. S. Lewis. I love the way he challenges his readers to think and to process in a different, deeper, more profound way; how he expresses his ideas clearly, cleanly, and uniquely; and, how he writes in multiple genres – both fiction and nonfiction – to try to reach as many people as possible with the truth of Christ. I also agree with the majority of his theological understanding (which for me is fairly rare in Christian authors). I love his allegory, in Chronicles Narnia, the Space Trilogy, and the Screwtape Letters. He definitely inspired my thinking behind both The Interview (which I see as a parallel to the Screwtape Letters) and the Whisperers series (which is see as Narnia meets the Space Trilogy). The greatest compliments I have ever received for any of my books was when people said they reminded them of C. S. Lewis (Restored Christianity, The Interview, and Sky Light Falls: Whisperers Book One received such comments). I have often said I want to be like C. S. Lewis when I grow up.

When did you write your first book? Is that first one published?

My first book was Restored Christianity, published in 2006. The second edition came out in 2013. I co-authored Restored Christianity with my eldest son, Hayden Lane. We both felt compelled (prompted by the Holy Spirit) to write this book, both feeling the church had deviated in many ways from the original teachings of Christ, and we wrote it with a goal of “restoring” the earliest known Christian beliefs from the writings of Paul (which were the first written documents of Christian belief). Hayden is an early church historian, a linguist, a classist, an anthropologist, and an expert on the Roman Empire, so he brought his great abundance of knowledge of the original languages of the New Testament, the culture of the times – Greek, Roman, and Jewish – and the culture and beliefs of the early church to the project. I brought a modern application of those beliefs. Each chapter is divided into three parts: the current state of church beliefs on the topic of the chapter, historical perspectives on those beliefs including an in-depth analysis of Paul’s writings on the topic, and a restored application of Paul’s writings. It certainly made for a challenging book since we were calling out some “sacred cows” and challenging some current beliefs that are generally accepted. Of all my books, this is still my favorite, partially because I shared the experience of writing it with my son, and partially because of what we produced together.

This was also written during the time of my youngest son’s greatest struggles in his terminal illness. One great joy I still hold dear is that he got to see and read the book before he died. The book is dedicated to my son, Cody, who passed away on 2007. His story is an integral part of the book. Cody’s one wish was that everyone could come to know and love Jesus the way he did. In large part, Hayden and I wrote Restored Christianity as a vehicle to try to meet Cody’s life wish.

Do you write in one genre or several?

I write both fiction and nonfiction. In the fiction category, I have written a Christian fantasy series (the Whisperers) and a Christian allegory (The Interview). In the nonfiction category, I have written Restored Christianity, which I consider an apologetic, three Bible studies (Strength in Adversity, Strength in our Story, and Seeking Treasures), and a devotional (Wilderness Meditations). I have just co-authored a Bible study with my son, Hayden, on the Book of Mark, which is now in the editing process and will be published in the next few months. I enjoy writing in different genres, much like C. S. Lewis, because I want to speak truth in a variety of ways, to reach as many people as possible toward developing a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. That is my one purpose and one goal in writing. It is my deepest heart’s desire.

Are you working on your next book already? What can you tell us?

I am branching out into yet another new genre and writing an historical fiction about a young Southerner whose lifelong desire is to be a teacher or a preacher, but who is thrust into having to fight in the Civil War. When he returns home after the war, he finds he has lost everything. To survive, he is once again forced to fight, this time out west against the native peoples, which directly opposed his most deeply held beliefs. The book is a chronicle of his struggles with who his faith calls him to be vs. what the world requires of him, and how he ultimately resolves this inner conflict, and what his resolution costs him from the worldly sense but what he gains from the eternal perspective.

About the Author:

Author Bio

Donna E. Lane, Ph.D., is an award-winning author, university professor, and Christian counselor.  In addition to her Christian fiction and nonfiction books, she has published books and numerous articles in professional journals in the field of Counseling and has presented internationally and nationally on trauma, grief and loss, faith-based counseling, and prayer.  

Donna is married to David Lane. They have three children: Hayden, who is married to Natalie, has two children, Coen and Petra; Lindsey, a veterinarian who lives in Colorado Springs; and Cody, their youngest son, who passed away in 2007 at age 17 from a degenerative neurological disorder. Much of her writing and professional work with grief and loss is informed by her own experiences through the illness and death of her son.

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