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book review

Hope is a Dangerous Place

About the book:

Title: Hope is a Dangerous Place

Author: Jim Baton

Genre: Christian Suspense

Release Date: February 5, 2020

Award-winning author Jim Baton believes revival is coming to America. This is what it might look like–

Seventy-five years ago, fifteen-year-old Hope McCormick disappeared. To remember her, the newly incorporated town was named “Hope.” When high school friends Kelsey and Harmonie begin looking into this unsolved mystery, they discover that someone will do anything to make sure the town’s secrets never come to light. Which neighbors are allies, and which face masks a violent enemy? And what will it take for their struggling town to fulfill its original destiny of hope?

Book Review:

This book is rather interesting and shows myriad potential in its ability to reveal small town charm, while also showcasing the politics and differences that plague our nation today.

It did take a bit for me to get into the story. For the first half or so, you’re more in a getting to know the characters phase than an active what’s going to happen next scenario. I did love the relationship between Kelsey and her father, Bret, though. Even though Kelsey is a teenager, there was a level of respect shown, despite their differences.

There is also a bit of language, which I did not expect from a Christian suspense novel. Yes, people curse in real life. However, I’m one who can do without that in my fictional worlds.

I enjoyed the mystery as Kelsey and Harmonie went about their task of learning the past history of Hope, and the suspense was both believable and intriguing.

I received a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own.

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