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Author interview with Robin Densmore Fuson

Welcome Robin to an author interview!

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Race of Her Heart


An engaged Jalyn Stewart returns to her hometown of Durango, Colorado following an accident that changed her life and Olympic dreams. A future with Timothy, her lawyer fiancé, moves forward with his new business partnership and their wedding plans. Jalyn’s part-time journalist job brings an unexpected encounter with an old flame and sparks fly. Can she believe him when he says he has changed?

Disturbing messages and threats make her realize, she’s being stalked. Jalyn searches through her mind trying to discover why and who might be the stalker and does it have anything to do with her accident? Nothing points to the answers to her questions, causing more frustration. Jalyn’s faith is challenged as fear clutches her heart and soul.

An electric bicycle race takes Adam Walker to his home town of Durango, Colorado and through the mountains to the historic mining town of Silverton. His heart never got over the beautiful Jalyn after he left, hoping to be rid of the God she lived for. At their first encounter after his return, he notices she wears an engagement ring and his heart plummets. Can he accept them as friends or should he fight for more? Pride and a wager pits cycles against the mighty steam engine in an unheard-of race. Adam must conquer the mountain to win the race and the heart of the one he loves. Through overcoming dangerous obstacles is his new faith strong enough to rely on the Lord?


What was the highlight of writing this book?

Race of Her Heart’s storyline came to me about five years ago. Race of Her Heart is set in Durango Colorado, the place of my birth. I only lived there a very short time but my grandparents lived there until their deaths. Many other relatives still live near Durango and Silverton, the other town in my novel. My visits through the years were full of creating special memories. Some of the landmarks are no longer standing but the memories linger. I walked these streets and played in the creek. I’ve been into the stores, shops, and hotels. The stores, shops, hotels, and churches were my summer and Christmas stopping grounds.  

A steam engine travels up the Animas Valley from Durango to Silverton and back almost every day of the year. A highway also traverses the rugged mountains to Silverton and beyond. Why not make a race between electric bicycles and the train, the main attraction? Off went my imagination. A race alone would be a bit boring but bring in threats, accidents, injuries, and perhaps death to create a suspenseful storyline. Plop in a plucky Olympic skier, a ruggedly handsome cyclist, and true love and you get magic.

Are you working on your next book already? What can you tell us?

Worthless to Priceless is a Christian historical fiction novella set in the late 1880s in the beginning settlement of Rifle, Colorado. Rifle is nestled in the high valley surrounded by mountains and bluffs, located about sixty miles east of Grand Junction on the western side of the rugged Rocky Mountains. At that time, the railroad hadn’t made its presence known that far west. To get there, a person traveled by stagecoach. The Ute Indians hunted in the area and whiskey ran down throats more often than water. Dusty streets, men in boots, women wearing bonnets and long dresses, horses, and wagons traversed the small town.  

The land and weather could be brutal as well as unsavory persons. Sickness, hunger, catastrophes, and death were a way of life.

This story is centered around a young woman, Jenny, who has lived through tragedies and despair. The book is full of snapshots of her life and we go with her through four years of intense heartache and physical harm.

Samuel is a man with three adorable children, who has also gone through loss and heartache and becomes her rescuer. It’s an action-packed story with deep hurts and amazing healing.

Here is the back of the book blurb:

At the tender age of thirteen, orphaned Jenny Low decides to take matters in her own hands and runs away from her captive life in a Ute tribe. Rescued from near death by a kindly teamster Samuel Baunof, Jenny is sent to live with a family in Glenwood Springs, Colorado in 1886. She learns the truth of wickedness and runs again straight into true evil.

Meanwhile, Samuel holds his head up while facing life’s cruelty head on. A few years later, he crosses paths with the orphaned girl he once rescued. Now a beautiful young woman, Jenny is a God-send in his time of need. Their trials aren’t over and Samuel finds himself tracking her through the wilderness where, unbeknownst to him, someone else is after her too. Will he get to her in time?

Can these two people with completely different backgrounds and beliefs help each other and those around them? Is Samuel able to rescue Jenny from the horror her life has been drawn into? Is his faith strong enough to help her understand that God loves her and didn’t abandon her? Jenny is challenged to accept love and forgiveness even when she feels the world closing in.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Most of my books are novella length between 30,000 and 40,000 words. From research to sending the completely edited work to my publisher is about four months. I love to have my hand on all of the processes and I choose example pictures for the cover and I design and publish my trailers. The editing process is not my favorite thing and takes a long time. I hire a professional editor and have some wonderful readers. My husband is my first reader and helps me with the thoughts of my male characters. The process to get a book out is long and takes work. I’m thankful and blessed to write full time and be able to take on interruptions that life throws at all of us.

When did you write your first book? Is that one published?

I came to this rodeo late in life. I have always been a storyteller and used those skills and my creative side to make curriculum and VBS materials for the children’s ministry and women’s Bible Studies in our church.

My first book came out of the overflow from working with children. I wrote it decades ago and finally self-published Rosita Valdez and the Giant Sea Turtle in 2012. The two sequels, Rosita Valdez and the Attic’s Secret and Rosita Valdez and the Spanish Doll, were published through Winged Publications. All three of these books have an underlying theme—truthfulness, sibling rivalry, and stealing—in that order. Those books have been likened to The Boxcar Children, which makes me a smile.

Do you write in one genre or several?

I write in several genres—children adventure, historical fiction, contemporary romance, women’s fiction, romantic suspense, short stories, flash fiction, and non-fiction. I keep my editor on her toes, not knowing what I’ll throw her way to dive into and clean up. I enjoy the research that goes into historical but I seem to find I need to do almost as much when writing contemporary. I researched washtubs, whales, sea turtles, and making a chocolate cake in the 1950s for my children’s books.

I learned about electric bicycles, racing, and athletes with injuries, steam engines, fire, and Olympic skiing in Race of Her Heart. Each story has unique characters and I’ve done extensive research into temperaments to make my characters authentic.

Author Photo: Jamie Herrera Photography @JamieHerreraPhotography

Robin recently moved to Sugarmill Woods, Florida with her husband Jimmy and their Belgian Malinois, Kenzi. She and her husband celebrate with an overflowing cup of blessings with seventeen grandchildren. An award winner for romance and flash fiction, Robin is multi-published in both fiction and non-fiction and has written well over a hundred stories on her blog for children. Two of her novellas are finalists in the 2020 Selah awards. Her historical and contemporary romances, and Christian women’s fiction, are wrapped around a twist of intrigue. The Rosita Valdez series for children lends itself to a character-building lesson through an adventure. Robin is a member of Word Weavers International, ACFW, and John316 Marketing Network. Robin loves company and challenging her young guests to discover the many giraffes in the obvious and hidden nooks and crannies of their home.

Visit her at:

Blog, Robin Densmore Fuson: http://www.robindensmorefuson.com/

Blog, Kid Bible Lessons: http://www.kidbiblelessons.com/

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Race of Her Heart


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