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Who can learn Truitt’s Truth?

Truitt’s Truth by Julia David: Book Review

About the book:

Title: Truitt’s Truth

Author: Julia David

Genre: Historical fiction

Release Date: March 13, 2020

Come Along for an Unforgettable Journey of Romance and Adventure.

With the California Gold Rush of 1849, the toughest man in town, Truitt, is ready to face the truth. Putting his fighting career aside, he needs to get out of Hangtown. The unruly mining town named after the night his father was unjustly hung.

But mudslides and Truitt Emerson do not mix. Now he’s stranded with two ladies from back east that his boss expects delivered to Hangtown all in one piece. One lady he would leave to the Indians, the other beauty clutching a silly case has him looking back to watch her every move.

When Cassidy O’Ryan was pulled from her Irish Grandparent’s home as a child, her beloved violin became her prized possession. Unwilling to heed her father’s wishes by marrying his business colleague, she promises to travel to the gold rush town of Hangtown to wed her cousin she’s only met as a child. What she didn’t promise was that she wouldn’t trade places with her ladies maid and pursue her love of singing and violin in the new state of California.

The young women had months to plan the switch. It shouldn’t be a problem until her cousin sends Truitt Emerson to pick them up and escort them to Hangtown. Truitt is not only the town boxer, but he’s also her cousin’s bodyguard. The sudden desire to trust in this handsome stranger is unusual.

Until Truitt burns her beloved violin.

Cassidy now has her own fight to find her truth, her freedom in this rough mining town.

Neither Truitt or Cassidy are prepared for the compelling attraction that’s desperate for an honest future.

Can the truth prevail or is it too late?

Book Review:

A fun read about being who God made you to be and stepping out from the constrains of society…all while falling in love.

Cassidy and Truitt were engaging, likable characters who kept the story moving. I didn’t care much for Finny, but she’s not meant to be liked, that’s part of the book’s charm. It did take me a while to sort everyone out because Cassidy and Finny essentially swapped places but then they kept calling each other by their real names instead of the names they were supposed to go by and, ugh, I got lost. Once I sorted that out, things went swell and I truly engaged with the story.

The author takes you on a joyride of adventure and fun, and if you’re a historical romance reader, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

I received a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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