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Return to the Fierce Land by N.C. Bolton: Author Interview

Return to the Fierce Land by N.C. Bolton: Author Interview

About the Book

Book:  Return to the Fierce Land

Author: N.C. Bolton

Genre: Christian Fantasy

Release Date: March 31, 2020

The Fierce Land…

His escape from there still haunts his dreams with snatches of terror and the smell of blood. Dreams that jolt him awake, his heart pounding a frantic pace in his chest.

No longer a frightened, grieving child, Rikk has a duty—a mission. Myla, Rikk’s little sister, now grown herself, remains trapped in that harsh land.

Can she possibly know he survived his escape, and now, years later, prepares ready to travel back to find her? The village elders and the rest of his adopted people have such confidence in his ability to make the journey. Yet his heart is still divided, and fearful.

He should have faith, as they do.

But dread lurks below the surface of the calm face he shows.

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Author Interview:

What about writing do you love?

I love the whole creative process of discovery as I develop the characters and the story. It may sound odd, but I’m often surprised by a character’s reaction which then can lead to a plot twist I hadn’t planned!

Do you end up doing research for every book?

Yes! And I really do love doing research. I learn a lot.

How do you develop your characters? Do you use character charts?

I develop them as I write. I’ve never used a character chart. I think I’m too disorganized or something. I just imagine the character and then do my best to express what I see in them.

What is the best thing writing makes you feel?

The best thing is when I know I’ve been able to show what is going on inside the mind and heart of the character, and show it in a way that the reader will be able to connect with the character.

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, what book do you read because it makes you feel better?

The book of Psalms. It’s so full of insights and encouragement. Also any of the Gospels. The words of Jesus always comfort me.

About the Author

N.C. Bolton is a wife, mother, grandmother, jewelry maker, crochet crafter, and of course: a writer! She lives in upstate New York in a lovely scenic region known as The Fingerlakes. Widowed last year, she is comforted by her five sons, two grandchildren and a marvelous array of family and other loved ones. She loves the creative process, and puts her whole focus into the stories she writes. May you be entertained and uplifted by them!
You visit her website here.

More from N.C. Bolton

I’ve always been drawn to the miraculous aspects of life and creation. I think almost all children experience this, but over time we become so busy and distracted that we lose the awareness of how miraculous life really is. I’m no different. Modern life is pretty demanding!

I love good movies, and I realized over time that there were a great many super-hero movies and movies with Messianic-themed heroes. It made me aware of how human beings hunger to reconnect with that sense of awe we had as children. We all need a relationship with God, not just for His abiding love and hope, the promise of eternal life, and help with the challenges of this mortal life, but to be connected to the Author of the miraculous.

That’s what inspired me to write the Fierce Land series. The scriptures are full of miracles and interventions as well as the heartfelt prayers of humans trying to learn God’s ways and overcome their own internal struggles. And that’s what this series explores, within the framework of a world that is not modern but faces many of the same issues people have always faced. I hope the story is a blessing to those who read it, and that it helps to remind us that our lives are full of miracles.

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for your blog post about my book! It’s the first in a series and Book 2 is now in edits. So, the story goes on! Thanks again!

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