celebrate lit, giveaway

How would you like to win 39 books by 39 different authors?

The $200 Amazon giftcard is pretty sweet, too!

Readers, April Showers bring May Flowers or in this case… a bouquet of books!

Don’t miss your chance to enter to win a $200 Amazon gift card and 39 books in our Celebrate Lit Multi-Author Giveaway. 
Click here to enter:  https://promosimple.com/ps/f6a6/april-showers-multi-author
The event and giveaway is going on now through April 26! Open to US residents only.

Curious what books you might receive? Here’s a handy list!

  1. Draw Me to Your Side by Marguerite Martin Gray
  2. Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham
  3. Hope Travels Through by Loni Kemper Moore
  4. Devyn’s Dilemma by Susan G. Mathis
  5. Molly’s New Song by Elaine Manders
  6. Knight in Shining Apron by Carole Brown
  7. illusions by Jennifer Sienes
  8. Two from Isaac’s House by Normandie Fischer
  9. Growing God’s Way by Cheri Swalwell
  10. The Serendipitous Adventures of Maddison Case
  11. Mud River Weddings by Emily Yager
  12. Hannah’s Courage by Molly Jebber
  13. This Wandering Heart by Janine Rosche
  14. Three Little Things by Patti Stockdale
  15. What Makes a Home by Jaycee Weaver
  16. The Pink Bonnet by Liz Tolsma
  17. A Little Lower than the Angels by Caryl McAdoo
  18. Perri by Danni Roan
  19. A Match to Call Ours by Merrillee Whren
  20. Double Jeopardy by Donna Schlachter
  21. The Mending of Lillian Cathleen by Linda Brooks Davis
  22. On a Coastal Breeze by Suzanne Woods Fisher
  23. Hope in the Mountain River by Misty M. Beller
  24. Waltz in the Wilderness by Kathleen Denly
  25. Once Upon An Irish Summer by Wendy Wilson Spooner
  26. When Your Voice Became Mine by Celeste N. Bowers
  27. Faith and Freedom by Jan Lis
  28. Good Grief by Sue Borrows LaRue
  29. Maybe Forever by Dionne Grace
  30. Child of Prophecy by T.E. Bradford
  31. Meddlin’ Madeline: Byrd’s-Eye View by Chautona Havig
  32. In the Cradle Lies by Olivia Newport
  33. Lost Legacy by Dana Mentink
  34. I’ll Take the Lie by Nancy Wood
  35. Macy’s Dream by Tabitha Bouldin
  36. Temptation and Tenderness by Kari Trumbo
  37. Dance and Be Glad by Melissa Wardwell
  38. The Elusive Miss Ellison
  39. Lessons from the Heart by Rachel Skatvold
Pretty covers!!! I spy one of mine.

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