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How would you feel about being Unwanted No More?

Unwanted No More by BJ Garrett: Interview

About the Book

Book:  Unwanted No More

Author: BJ Garrett

Genre:  Memoir

Release Date: December 1, 2019

Front cover Unwanted No More (3)

I can still feel the emptiness in my heart. So many memories of ugly…

As a preteen shattered by a sexually abusive father and an absent mother, B. J. Garrett is left unprotected, unloved, and unwanted by the people who should have loved her most. Instead, BJ finds herself wanted by the wrong people for the worst reasons.

Her search for self-worth leads to sexual promiscuity and unplanned pregnancies, which only further warps her view of love, leaving a trail of broken relationships. It’s not until losing everything to the blaze of a house fire that the course of BJ’s life takes a turn toward a God whose love is pure. With the shadow of shame lifted by her newfound faith, BJ makes a startling discovery—she’s been wanted all along, and her new love-filled life comes with a call to ministry.

Written with soul-searching vulnerability, this story shows that regardless of what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, there is hope and redemption in a relationship with Jesus. Unwanted No More reminds you that no matter how ugly your past, you can experience unconditional, beautiful love and a life of purpose.

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Have you ever had problems with anyone who feels you’ve written about them? Definitely.

My ex-husband, family members, the father of my child I aborted and his wife. Most of the people in my past wish I would have never written my book. They would prefer me to keep my dirty laundry well hidden in secret. None of them as of today have actually read the book, but they were not happy knowing I was writing it.

What is the most difficult scene you’ve ever written?

The scene where I saw my mother at a local restaurant. My entire goal was to hurt my mother. Looking back, I can see the hurt radiating from her. It is a scene very vivid in my mind and heart. I was broken and angry and I wanted her to hurt. I was successful.

How do you deal with the emotional impact of writing a book?

That is really hard to answer. I am still learning how to handle the emotional impact. The actual writing was one of the hardest yet my amazing experiences I have ever gone through. Finding myself in Christ throughout my story impacted me greatly. Recognizing He was always there. But to answer the question, if I am to be honest, of how I dealt with the emotional impact of writing the book, I cried. I cried a lot. Like ugly swollen eyes, snotty, yucky crying. I would close down for days at a time, unable to even open my computer. In the very early days, I would actually go years even between attempts. It was not fun. But then the Lord would always meet me where I was, nudge me with His grace and I would start again.

What do you like to read?/What books are on your nightstand at the moment?

I like to read anything that helps me escape my every day life. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love my life today, but when I read, I like to just escape and visit someone else’s world for a while. Fiction or non-fiction are both great. True crime, romance, (not the sleezy kind) inspirational. I love memoir’s and personal stories. Currently the books on my nightstand include my Bible and my own book Unwanted No More. It may seem prideful, but honestly I am still just in awe that I have this book in my possession. Out of my heart, in print and on my nightstand. A true testimony of God’s faithfulness in my life.

What is your favorite thing about writing non-fiction?

I don’t have to create or remember details of characters or scenes. Writing about what really happened in my life was horrible at times, but it was also therapeutic.

About the Author

BJ Garrett Pic

B. J. Garrett serves as the executive director for Christ-Centered Abortion Recovery & Education. She holds an associate of divinity degree from Baptist Missionary Theological Seminary, and she has served in church ministries as a youth director, singles director, missions director, and women’s ministry team leader. She and her husband, Jay, live in Texas and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

More from B.J.

All my life I have battled with feelings of being unwanted and unloved. Somewhere between the insanity of the Jerry Springer show and the emotional outcry of the Oprah show, the unbelievable redemption details of my life are unfolded onto the pages of this book.

Spunky. silly, and sassy are the three words that best describe my personality. I believe the Lord gave me a love for hamburgers to make sure I never return to a life of selling my body to make ends meet. Spending time with my grand kids who are basically perfect is my favorite pastime. I love being Jay’s wife and serving beside him on the mission field. By God’s amazing grace, I have come full circle, receiving complete forgiveness and healing from a childhood full of abuse, teen pregnancy, sexual promiscuity, abortion, and working in the sex industry. If the Lord can use a story like mine, rest assured He will use a story like yours!

If like me, you have ugly in your past, I want to encourage you that no matter what you have done, no matter what has been done to you, there is hope and healing through Jesus Christ.


6 thoughts on “How would you feel about being Unwanted No More?”

  1. Wow, that was very good of you to write your book, I think that it will help a lot of people that have been dealing with something like this, I bet it is a huge burden to carry and I’m sure it was a Very good relief to get it out! God Bless you for writing this book. Have a Great rest of the week. Thank you so very much for sharing your story, you are a very Brave and thoughtful lady! God is Very Good and Very Forgiving to all of us.


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