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How can King Here impact your life?

King Here by Trish Porter Topmiller: Book Interview

About the Book

Book: King Here

Author: Trish Porter Topmiller

Genre: Religion/Christian or Spiritual

Release Date: May 7, 2019

Trusting God and sharing Jesus with aging parents can be difficult. As Trish Porter Topmiller watched her father’s casket be lowered into the ground, she knew the complicated jigsaw puzzle of his life finally held the missing piece―Jesus. But for years, his life seemed as far away from grace, and a believing faith in God, as a person can be. A multimillionaire entrepreneur who believed his financial fortress (and business acumen) was invincible, he turned into a workaholic adrenaline junkie―and ultimate opioid statistic who had given up on life. Even then, grace found him.

King Here offers hope that no matter how old, how rich or how addicted someone is, it’s never too late to meet Jesus. Trish shares her father’s inspiring, yet tragic life story―filled with adventure and color and unique escapades―to reveal God’s plan for an old rich man who thought he had no need for God. Stepping back to see the big picture brings to light the hope and joy that God truly can answer prayers and do the impossible, but it doesn’t always look the way readers expect. In this moving tribute to her father, Trish encourages readers to never give up on loved ones who seem “too far gone” for God to reach.

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Author Interview:

How do you deal with the emotional impact of writing a book?

King Here was very emotional for me since it dealt with my father and the many difficulties in life we both had. The Kleenex box was by my side and refills were stored in the garage. At times I was exhausted but I was grateful my husband James listened to me ramble on about the hurts and then hugs were freely given. We would go on hikes or play tennis and the physical outlet always helped too. Sometimes I was emotionally spent and I needed to take a break and come back to it later.

If you’ve written more than one book, which one is your favorite?

I have written two books. Rekindle Your Dreams, encouraging you to live your dreams even though you think it’s too late, and King Here: Never Too OLD, Too RICH or Too ANYTHING to Meet Jesus.

They are two books from two different lives. I love Rekindle Your Dreams because it was my first book and includes stories about my family, my athletic career and encouraging others to live their dreams . However, King Here captured my heart from the beginning. It takes you the reader to the amusement park complete with the roller coaster of emotions and darts bursting the balloons. I love the adventure, the history and how God brought all the pieces of the puzzle together of my father’s life. I also love how I can show meaning to his life and death. How it impacts people and shares the love of Jesus with others.

What do you like to read?/What books are on your nightstand at the moment?

Like the beanstalk reaching to the clouds, book are taking over my nightstand. I have my Bible, Bible study and a daily devotion by Jeff Wells called, “The Great Verses”. I want to support Morgan James Publishing authors so many of their books make up the beanstalk.

I read mostly non-fiction and prefer books about my Christian faith that can draw me closer to the Lord and/or I can learn valuable life lessons from. I love reading Christian Romance Novels but I haven’t indulged in this genre for quite some time.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love life and spending time with my husband James, daughter Shannon, family and friends. The high of working out, strength training, hiking, tennis, and snow skiing are a daily requirement. I attend Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs and/or Sagebrush Church in Albuquerque. I am involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and enjoy impacting others and sharing the love of Jesus. I volunteer at Dream Centers-Mary’s Home.

A low key day reading a book on my porch with the fountain flowing in the background, and my dog Theo curled up at my feet is always sweet. I crochet afghans and enjoy working on photo albums. I solve Sudoku puzzles to keep my brain active before bed which frankly makes no sense at all. I can’t forget the thrill of travelling and all the adventures a new place brings me.

What is your favorite thing about writing non-fiction?

Writing non-fiction gives me the opportunity to encourage others, share my faith and stories. Impacting other people and hearing about the emotional responses they have is wonderful. Other people can join in my journey and learn from all I’ve been through. Sharing the love of Jesus is incredibly fulfilling. I love having my stories in print to be shared with future generations.

About the Author

Trish Porter Topmiller is a Christian writer who is a 1988 U.S. Olympian in the high jump, former world record holder for women age 40-44 in the high jump, and multiple times U.S. National and World Masters Champion. Trish is a frequent speaker and guest on radio and television programs and has been the subject of interviews in the Wall Street Journal, U.S.A Today, and Today’s Christian Woman. She is a survivor in Life. Trish lost her husband of twenty years (Pat Porter 2 time Olympian) and son Connor (U.S. National Fencing Medalist) in a plane accident in 2012. She remarried in 2016 and has a wonderful daughter who is a nationally competitive figure skater. She attends Woodmen Valley Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado andSagebrush Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has a B.S. BusinessMarketing degree from University of Oregon.

More from Trish

I did not set out to write a book. I was preparing to talk at my Dad’s funeral and I looked at his life; the outrageous adventures, his business success, all the tragedies, and then the miracles. I realized his life was like an amazing puzzle and only God knew the puzzle box top. That’s when the outline came to me. He affected so many people and generations and once home, I was compelled to continue writing and it began to take shape and grow. I wanted information about publishing, so I contacted Terry Whalin who wrote Billy Graham’s biography. He said it was a story that I needed to share with people beyond my family.

King Here, is not only about finding faith and hope, but about the strength and courage it takes to handle what comes our way.  In a five-year period, from 2012-2017, I was confronted with the loss of my husband of twenty years (a two-time Olympian), and my beautiful fifteen year old son, Connor (a U.S. National Fencing medalist). They perished in an airplane accident where my husband was the pilot. A few years later my stepmother died at age 60 after a battle with addiction and then my father.

My prayer is you can be drawn into my Dad’s and my life and not want to put the book down. May your basket be filled with nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. May you enjoy the journey and the roller coaster of emotions. May you see how I trusted the Lord through tragedy which strengthens your faith. May you be encouraged to pray for those around you and be empowered to share Jesus with others.


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