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Thoughtful Thursday! Interview with Jenn Pierce!

Welcome Jenn Pierce to Thoughful Thursday!

You might remember Jenn from some of last year’s interviews and author postings. Thanks for stopping by to see what’s new! And now, the interview…

What is the inspiration behind your writing?

I started writing after my dad died in 2014. I had an idea and it wouldn’t leave me alone until Hidden Danger was finished. The same goes for Expecting Danger. I get ideas or see scenes in my mind and I have to write them.

Do you have a favorite author or book?

That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child. A few books that come to mind are The Isaac Project by Sarah Monzon, Leaving Oxford by Janet Ferguson and the Holly Cross novels by C. C. Warrens.

How have you surprised yourself during your writing journey?

I finished a novel and got it published. I never thought Hidden Danger would be on the shelf. And, it also won a Selah Award.

What book are you currently reading for fun and are you reading anything for research?

I am between books right now. My TBR pile is huge and now I just have to decide which one to read. A lot of my research is television shows, believe it or not. I’m a huge fan of #LivePD. It’s helped a lot with the police procedural portions. I’ve also done a couple Citizen’s Academies with my local law enforcement departments. I’ve also discovered a show called Dope on Netflix that focuses on drugs, from the streets to the police. The third book in my Small Town Guardians series focuses on Fentanyl.

If you could sit down to dinner with three authors, who would they be and what would you discuss?

That’s hard. C.C. Warrens, Angela Ruth Strong, and Dana Mentink. We’d talk writing of course, but also about life.

Can you think of anything you wish you had known before you started writing?

How much waiting there actually is. Waiting on a response about a submission, waiting on edits, waiting on release day. Patience isn’t my virtue if you can tell.

What’s next for you as an author?

I submitted a novel to Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense line and recieved a revise and resubmit. I’m going to take the notes, make the changes and send it back. And then wait. Lol. While I’m waiting, I’ll continue to work on my Small Town Guardians series.


All Maggie Jones wants to do is sell her late father’s property and get out of Whitehaven, Texas as fast as possible—before she runs into the one man she’s spent the past six years avoiding. Someone has other plans for her, though. Sinister plans. And when a seemingly harmless act of vandalism turns into a series of menacing threats, she has no choice but to turn to last person on earth she wants to see for help.

Sheriff Cody Smith never expected to see Maggie again, especially after he’d broken her heart all those years ago. Maybe this is the second chance he’s always wanted. But when he realizes Maggie’s in grave danger, he intends to keep her safe at all costs. With lines from an old nursery rhyme as their only clue, he needs to find out who’s behind this deadly game before the rhyme ends and Maggie’s time runs out. Can he protect her, catch the bad guy, and make amends for past wrongs? Or will old wounds get in the way?
Kate has been on the run from the men who killed her husband and left her for dead—which isn’t easy considering she’s eight months pregnant—but now they’ve found her. Again. Still reeling from her late husband’s betrayal, the last thing Kate wants is the help of a handsome stranger.

Security expert, Jacob Jones, is still grieving the loss of his pregnant wife, and he’s not ready to move on. But when he thwarts an attempted abduction of the beautiful Kate, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. Despite her reluctance, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to save her, including giving up his own life.

Kate’s only option is to take a leap of faith and allow Jacob to help her. But can she trust him to keep her and her unborn baby alive? Or will he fail her like everyone else in her life?

2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday! Interview with Jenn Pierce!”

  1. I don’t like waiting either but God is teaching me patience in some ways. Some things we can’t do anything about so we might as well learn to wait.


  2. Wow, this book sounds very intriguing and like a very good page turner! I really like the covers to the books. I would love to read this book so I will be adding it to my TBR list. I really liked reading this book review, Thank you so much for sharing it. God Bless you.


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