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Raising Successful Teens by Jeffrey Dean: Book Review

About the Book:

Title: Raising Successful Teens

Author: Jeffrey Dean

Genre: Family, Parenting

Release Date: September 3, 2019

This revised and updated edition of The Fight of Your Life features a new title, refreshed design, and 70% new content.

From every side–the Internet, social media, interactions with friends, in both their public and private lives–teens are persuaded to follow the world’s way over God’s every day. Culture’s mantra “live for today” has become the slogan of this generation! But, one thing remains true–mom and dad are still the greatest influence in the life of their child. 

Based on timeless biblical truths, Raising Successful Teens equips parents with positive, encouraging, and practical advice. A family and teen culture expert with more than 25 years of ministry experience, Jeffrey Dean gives parents the street-level approach they need to help their teens wisely and safely navigate technology, friendships, dating relationships, social media, and more. Parents will learn how to keep the lines of communication open and stay involved in their teens’ lives.

Praise for Raising Successful Teens

“Raising teenagers has never been easy—but these days it’s more challenging than ever! With the prominence of social media, self-harming, substance abuse, sexting, and an alarming array of other trends placing today’s youth at risk, parents are desperate to help their children navigate our post-Christian culture. In his new book Jeffrey Dean not only assures moms and dads that it’s possible but also provides a wealth of practical suggestions for raising teens who embrace biblical truth.”—Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

Raising Successful Teens is a must-read for today’s Christian parents. Jeffrey Dean’s message is encouraging and empowering, but more importantly, it is practical. He provides proven advice for how parents can raise teens who love God and live wisely in an ever-changing world.”—Josh D. McDowell, author

Book Review:

With two tween boys in the house, I thought this book would be well worth the time to read.

I was right!

I don’t often read books of this type, but as I said, tween boys – two of them. It can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, I think we know what we should do, and what we need to do, to help our kids move toward adulthood. But we occasionally need that extra ‘hey, don’t forget this is important too’.

And there are different versions of ‘successful’. For me, I want my kids to give glory to God. That is success. Riches, fame, and popularity do not denote success, and I thank Raising Successful Teens for highlighting this perspective.

While doing everything right does not promise our children will follow God throughout their lives, it does give them the best building blocks to begin their journey with God.

Personally, I prefer a KJV Bible, and a lot of the scriptures referenced come from several different editions.

The thoughts and ideas were well laid out and easy to follow. I enjoyed the easy way the chapters rolled one into the other, and the steps a parent can employ to help reach their children during different trials and experiences.

I requested a copy of this book from Multnomah. I was not required to leave a positive review. all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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