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Will more people find death at Midnight on the River Grey?

About the Book

Book: Midnight on the River Grey

Author: Abigail Wilson

Genre: Historical Romance/Mystery

Release date: July 2, 2019

Midnight on the River Grey

Abigail Wilson returns to Regency England with another tale of murder, mystery, and romance.

After her elder brother’s mysterious death, Rebecca Hunter vows to expose the man she believes responsible-Mr. Lewis Browning-known by the locals as the Midnight Devil and by Rebecca as her new guardian. He alone was on the bridge that fateful night and openly admits striking her brother with his horse, but he claims he remembers little else.

Summoned to his reclusive country estate to await her London season, Rebecca plans her own secret investigation. Yet, Lewis Browning is not as she once imagined, and his motivation is horribly unclear. Recurrent nightmares and Rebecca’s restless feelings are further complicated by the shadow of her mother’s prior descent into madness and whether she too will follow the same heartbreaking path.

Even as midnight rides, strange injuries, and further murders lead back to Lewis, Rebecca can’t ignore the subtle turn of her heart. Has she developed feelings for the man she swore to see hanged? And moreover, can she trust him with her uncertain future?

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Book Review:

Abigail Wilson’s second novel, Midnight on the River Grey, certainly gave me a lot to think about. I couldn’t shake the feeling I’d just stumbled into the castle from Beauty and the Beast. While there are no talking clocks or mouthy candlesticks, the descriptions and languid explorations of Greybourne Hall made me feel as though I walked alongside Rebecca.

Normally, I don’t enjoy a lot of descriptive narration. I flung that out the window here as I have done with very few novels in the past. The prose and writing style are so beautiful, I even went back and reread sections that described rooms…yes, rooms. They were so vivid, I could smell the dust and dampness of abandonment. I couldn’t help it. Beautiful writing will often cause a reader to do odd things. This was one of those times.

As for the story itself, Rebecca and Lewis were routine characters. I can’t say I found an instance where either surprised me. After the first few chapters, I felt I had a good handle on the plot and knew where it was headed. I would call Rebecca’s character level-headed with moments of whimsy. She’s determined to find her brother’s killer, and nothing will stand in her way…except her own faults as she tumbles into trouble because she didn’t fully think through her plan. Rebecca is a delightful mess who I could see was entrenched deep within the heart of the story.

The River Grey seems an ominous place with so many deaths already attached to it. This aspect adds to the mystery and chill factor every time someone mentions going near the water. I love a good mystery shiver. Especially when you’ve no idea who might fall prey next.

The Gothic Regency vibe intrigued me, hence the reference to dusty and misused castles. And Sophie was darling.

What has bothered me the most, and this is one of those personal preferences that is connected to all Christian Fiction, not just this novel. The actual Christian aspect is buried so deep within the layers I have to dig to find it. Not saying I want in-your-face preachiness, but I do wish the element was stronger.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of Regency, Gothic-style, murder/mystery, with a romance element. Any or all of those in any combination.

I requested a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

And now to go hunt up my copy of In the Shadow of Croft Towers because I’ve not read it yet.

About the Author


Abigail Wilson combines her passion for Regency England with intrigue and adventure to pen historical mysteries with a heart. A Registered Nurse, chai tea addict, and mother of two crazy kids, Abigail fills her spare time hiking the National Parks, attending her daughter’s gymnastic meets, and curling up with a great book. In 2017, Abigail won WisRWA’s Fab Five contest and in 2016, ACFW’s First Impressions contest as well as placing as a 2017 finalist in the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense. She is a cum laude graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and currently lives in Dripping Springs, Texas, with her husband and children. Connect with Abigail at; Instagram: acwilsonbooks; Facebook: ACWilsonbooks; Twitter: @acwilsonbooks.

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