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Did I fall in love with Wooing Cadie McCaffrey?

About the book:      woocam I love this cover!

Title: Wooing Cadie McCaffrey

Author: Bethany Turner

Publisher: Revell

Release Date: May 21, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance/Sports Romance

Book Blurb:

After four years with her boyfriend, Cadie McCaffrey is thinking of ending things. Convinced Will doesn’t love her in the “forever” way she loves him, Cadie believes it’s time for her to let him go before life passes her by. When a misunderstanding leads to a mistake, leaving her hurt, disappointed, and full of regret, she finally sends him packing.

But for Will, the end of their relationship is only the beginning of his quest to figure out how to be the man Cadie wanted him to be. With the dubious guidance of his former pro-athlete work friends and tactics drawn from Cadie’s favorite romantic comedies, Will attempts to win her back. It’s a foolproof plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Bethany Turner is back with more of the heart and humor readers love. Anyone who enjoys a good romance or binges romantic comedies on Netflix will devour this delightful story.

Book Review:

I wanted to love it…I really did. And while I thoroughly enjoyed everything else about the story, one thing kept me from falling head over heels. That one thing: If Will and Cadie would have sat down and had one single, honest conversation, there wouldn’t have been any need for either of their hearts to get broken. Sorry, this is a trigger of mine. My inherent personality is that of a mediator. That being said, my reactions are not the fault of the book.

I mean, in a way, I get it, not everyone knows how to have a conversation about marriage. Cadie, in particular, seems to have a problem talking about what’s important unless it’s to her friend, Darby. But then, all she does is complain and get mad if Darby doesn’t agree 100% with everything Cadie says.

And poor Will. Yes, the guy is clueless. Can you blame him? Did Cadie ever do or say anything that would have given him even half a notion that she was unhappy? For an entire year, she slowly fell out of love with him because the spark was gone. Why didn’t she try to bring it back? Because she’s a modern woman. She could have said, “Hey, Will, I got tickets for a baseball game. Let’s go.”

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s show you the flip side of the coin. I absolutely, totally, 100% love Bethany Turner’s writing style. The witty humor had me keeled over in stitches of laughter. I rolled my eyes at Will’s attempts to recreate Cadie’s favorite rom-com moments, knowing they would fail and loving them anyway.

Cadie’s character growth. She learned a lot, a whole lot, about herself and about God. Which brings me to another favorite: Strong spiritual beliefs. Wooing Cadie McCaffrey is without a doubt a Christian novel. Will and Cadie are both believers, and when they make one colossal mistake, both feel guilty. Their turnaround to repentance and forgiveness left an emotional high I couldn’t stop thinking about.

The inner conflict and emotional toil in both characters was so well done, I could have read on and on. All the characters, even the secondary ones, were well-developed and held up in the storyline.

Takeaways from Wooing Cadie McCaffrey: Even seasoned Christians make mistakes. No one is perfect. And God loves us anyway. When Cadie asks for forgiveness, she gets it. She struggles to forgive herself, but God granted forgiveness the moment she asked for it. Don’t put God in the backseat. He’s not supposed to be the passenger, He’s meant to be the pilot. Bethany Turner showed this with grace and absolute clarity in her writing.

So, what do I rate the book? Why, five stars of course! Why five stars when the premise made my eyes twitch and my fingers curl? Because, even then, I couldn’t stop reading.

I requested a copy of this book from RevellReads. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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