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Can love be Restored before he loses his second chance for the life he always wanted?

About the Book

Book: Restored

Author: Tanya Eavenson

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Release date: February 10, 2016

Restored Sometimes love arrives when you least expect it.

Dr. Steven Moore is known nationally for saving lives. If only he could save his own. Unable to deal with his prognosis, he retreats to a happier time in his past—to the woman who once stole his heart.

Four years after the death of her beloved husband, bookstore owner Elizabeth Roberts still struggles to sustain her faith and joy in the Lord as she raises her two sons. She strives to find a way through her family’s grief, never suspecting a man from her past might offer hope for her future.

But how can there be a future when he’s only come to kiss her and say good-bye?

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Book Review:

Deep emotional conflict, health concerns, and a painful past work together to keep Elizabeth and Steven apart. But God is bigger than all three, and His ways are better than our ways.

I thought the writing was brilliant. Elizabeth and Steven are complicated, fully mapped out characters. Their past complicates their relationship, but neither is 100% willing to give up on a second chance.

I watched my mother go through cancer, so I connected with Steven’s journey on a personal level. This allowed me to have a better understanding of his decisions, and his reactions, when faced with the reality of his condition.

Only one thing really struck me as out of place, and I can’t tell you because that would be considered a spoiler. All I will say is, Luke’s feelings should have been taken into more consideration. At the very least, he deserved to be part of the decision.

Little Chris was quite the bright spot. His antics are sure to bring a lightheartedness at just the right moments. The secondary characters blended well, and I’m curious now about some of their stories.

Now, for the spiritual link, it’s strong here in Restored. I have zero complaints about the strength of Elizabeth’s and Steven’s connection with God.

While the genre is Contemporary Christian Romance, and it fits that genre well, be prepared for the raw emotion that grief and terminal illness churn up. There are moments of light and fluffy, but at the heart of the story are deep emotional wounds that must be overcome before the happily ever after will be possible.

I requested a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. I was not required to leave a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

About the Author

Tanya Eavenson     Tanya Eavenson is an international bestselling and award-winning inspirational romance author. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their three children. Her favorite pastime is grabbing a cup of coffee, eating chocolate, and reading a good book. You can find her at her website on FacebookTwitterGoodreadsGoogle, or on Amazon.

More from Tanya

RESTORED is the second book in the Unending Love series. It’s a story I wanted to write, one I knew I could write, but still, it took six years to write. Not that it was difficult, but something was missing.

A friend and I attended the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, and during the conference, we discussed RESTORED. We came up with different plots, but nothing felt right.

I decided then to take a hiatus from contemporary romance and to begin writing another genre I’ve always loved, historical romance. While doing research and working on my historical romance novel, doctors discovered I had cancer.

There are many times in a person’s life where he or she may reach an obstacle. It may be an illness, an accident, a difficult decision that must be made, or any number of other things. I’d reached that point in my life. It was a defining moment, not only dealing with my cancer prognosis, but asking the Lord if He truly called me to write as I thought, or was I mistaken. I stuffed my historical romance novel away and almost gave up on God’s call to write.

But through the fears and searching for God’s direction, I learned He did indeed place this desire to write on my heart and no matter what I was facing in my life, it didn’t diminish His call. I’m inspired by the Lord to write inspirational Christian fiction so people may know the love of Christ. To know the depth He will go to have a relationship with us. And though we struggle, He uses us—ordinary people like me—to do out of the ordinary things. Unexpected things—like writing. This propelled me to write RESTORED.

I began pouring into RESTORED the knowledge I’d gained through my own experiences and that of my stepfather and father-in-law, who were both diagnosed with melanoma. I know now that if I had written this story any earlier in my career, I wouldn’t be on such a personal level with my characters nor could I have written it from the heart.

I love this story. I love my characters, Steven and Elizabeth. RESTORED is about lost love being given a second chance when you least expect it. A story of how nothing is impossible with God.


4 thoughts on “Can love be Restored before he loses his second chance for the life he always wanted?”

  1. Your book sounds awesome and very inspirational and it sounds like it would help a lot of people in situations like in the book. Both my dad and my mom were terminally ill, and i was there to help them both and I was there when they both passed away, it was hard being part of their caregiver and daughter at the same time, but I would not have it any other way. God Bless you. Thank you for sharing what you have gone through with your readers. ❤

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