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Haven’s Fire by Dena Netherton: Tour, Review, and Giveaway

About the Book

Book: Haven’s Fire

Author: Dena Netherton

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: April, 2019

Heaven's Fire CoverWhen Dade re-emerges from the wilderness and settles in Seattle, intent on establishing a powerful cult following, Haven, Petter, and Jesse must protect their new friend, Thea, from his evil plans.

Haven Ellingson has been stalked, kidnapped, and beaten by Dade. After her escape, he continued to torment her through threats and constant pursuit. Again she was able to break free, thinking the man had finally perished.

But he’s back, now intent on destroying the life of another young woman and countless, misguided followers.

And Haven is having none of it.

Sometimes you hide from your attacker; sometimes you stand and fight.

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Book Review:

This series gave me chills of the best kind. I do recommend you read them all. While you can pick up this book and read it alone, the first two give you valuable insight into the characters and help show just how evil Dade is.

I can’t remember ever reading a book where the characters become involved in a cult. While the idea gave me the heebie-jeebies, I kept reading because I needed to see Dade get what was coming to him. For my newly created awards list, Dade wins best villain.

Dena Netherton does a marvelous job of showing you how a powerfully charismatic man can take the word of God and twist it to meet his needs. From this, a cult arises. Dade knows exactly who to target and how to draw them in. I would consider this real-world fiction. While the story itself might be fiction, cults and their followings are real and they do affect people all over the world.

The action and suspense pull you deep into the story of Haven, Thea, and Jesse. You feel what they feel and understand what they think. Even when you disagree with their actions, you understand what brought them to this point.

About the Author

Deana NethertonDena Netherton has always loved the thrill of suspense-filled fiction. One day it dawned on her she could actually put down on paper her own action-packed stories and life-threatened characters that had been knocking around inside her head for decades.

When she’s not writing, Dena loves to play piano and guitar, read good books, spend time with people, and hike the Cascade Mountains.

Dena is active in her church as a musician, leader in Women’s Ministry, and director of a women’s prayer ministry. She also volunteers at a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

She and her husband live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Find out more about Dena’s books through her website and newsletter:

More from Dena

Haven’s Fire is the third and final installment of the suspense trilogy, Hunting Haven. In the first book, Haven’s Flight, I introduced Jesse, a teenaged boy, living with the delusional Dade Colton and his common-law wife, Mama. He’s a sweet and handsome young man, but just like Haven, he’s a victim of the two abusive adults who keep him imprisoned in a remote mountain cabin, far from the influence of church or friends or schools. He puts his life on the line to help Haven escape from Dade, and as I was writing the book, I fell in love with his courageous, unselfish character. So I vowed that I would give him a bigger role in the third book. (He’s still secondary in book two, Haven’s Hope.) And since Jesse wasn’t destined to be Haven’s love, I knew I had to find a girl for him, someone worthy of him, but someone who was dealing with her own dark past. In Haven’s Fire, we get to see Jesse, now a student living in Seattle, struggle to forgive Dade and Mama for the abuse they dealt out, and to help his girl, Thea, escape the dangerous leader of a cult who is bent on controlling and abusing her. In this suspense-filled book, it will take all of Jesse’s new-found faith, his prayers, and the support of Haven and her friends to rescue Thea from walking blindly into a world of intrigue, deception, and even, murder!


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