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Thoughtful Thursday with Johnnie Alexander: The Erie Canal Brides Collection

Today on the blog we have Johnnie Alexander here with us. Johnnie, thank you for the wonderful blog post!


How to Pronounce “Chillicothe”


Johnnie Alexander


If you’re a native Buckeye, you may already know how to correctly say the name of this historic town that has the distinction of being Ohio’s first and third capital city.

Or maybe, like my dad, you like to mispronounce Chillicothe on purpose. More on that in a moment.

The action in my novella, “Journey of the Heart,” in The Erie Canal Brides Collection begins in Circleville. But before long, the main characters—Charity Sinclair, her Aunt Stella, and Tavis Dunbar—travel to Chillicothe on the Ohio-Erie Canal.

At first, Portsmouth seemed the most appropriate choice for their destination. This town was the final stop on the Ohio-Erie Canal because it’s located along the Scioto River where it empties into the broad Ohio River. But that trip took too long. I needed a city closer to Circleville.

Because Charity, my heroine, writes pamphlets in support of the abolitionist movement under the pen name of Moses Freed, the town needed to have abolitionist roots. I checked out two or three cities along the Ohio-Erie Canal route and learned that free blacks were vital to Chillicothe’s Underground Railroad.

I had found my destination city.

My novella’s dedication reads:

In memory of my dad, John Alexander.

With a wide grin and twinkling eyes,

he often mispronounced “Chillicothe” on purpose.

{It rhymes with chilla-coffee.}


If you didn’t know how to pronounce Chillicothe before . . . now you do.

If you want to pronounce it like my dad . . . then say Chuh-lick-a-thee.

Historical Trivia:

  • The streets of Circleville, settled in 1810, were first laid out in a circle and later transformed into a grid layout by the Circleville Squaring Company.
  • Chillicothe, settled in 1796, was Ohio’s capital from 1803-1810 and again from 1812-1816.
  • The Ohio Anti-Slavery Society was established in 1835.


Bio:                Johnnie Alexander.jpg


Johnnie Alexander creates characters you want to meet and imagines stories you won’t forget in a variety of genres. An award-winning, best-selling novelist, she serves on the Serious Writer, Inc. executive board, co-hosts Writers Chat, and interviews inspirational authors for Novelists Unwind. Johnnie lives in Oklahoma with Griff, her happy-go-lucky collie, and Rugby, her raccoon-treeing papillon. Connect with her at and other social media sites via


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Back Cover:  Erie Canal Brides Collection


Seven romance stories take you back to the building of the Erie Canal and the opening of the Midwest to greater development.

Completed in 1825, the Erie Canal connected the Great Lakes to the Hudson River, and soon other states like Ohio created canals linking Lake Erie to the Ohio River. Suddenly the Midwest was open to migration, the harvesting of resources, and even tourism. Join seven couples who live through the rise of the canals and the problems the waterways brought to each community, including land grabs, disease, tourists, racism, and competition. Can these couples hang on to their faith and develop love during times of intense change?


“Journey of the Heart” 


Charity Sinclair secretly writes abolitionist pamphlets while thwarting architect Tavish Dunbar’s effort to redesign her father’s post office, a hidden stop on the Underground Railroad. When a slave-hunter captures a runaway, Charity vows to rescue the fugitive. But can she trust Tavish with her secret. . .and with her heart?

The Erie Canal Brides Collection


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Johnnie also has several other books for your reading pleasure. Match You Like Crazy is set to release April 30, 2019 so keep your eyes open!

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