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Interview with Jennifer Slattery: New Release: Restoring her Faith

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Look what Jennifer has gone and done! A beautiful new book baby is soon to be born. I’ll be reviewing it soon, and I cannot wait to dive in! Jennifer took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for me, and I’m here to show you a little behind-the-scenes of her daily life. First! Book info!!

Restoring Her Faith:

She left belief behind…Yet this family could change her mind.

With two boys to raise, a fledgling contracting business to run and a family ranch to keep afloat, widower Drake Owens finds his hands aren’t just full they’re overflowing. When Faith Nichols is hired to help him renovate the church, he’s drawn to the beautiful artist, but he can’t fall for a woman who isn’t a believer. Can love restore her faith and his heart?


Buy it HERE.

Interview Time. This is probably my favorite part of blogging.

What do you find yourself reading when you are not writing?

I have such eclectic reading taste! Right now I’m reading a lot of nonfiction, specifically on Paul’s letters and Philippians in particular and early church history. I’m also reading an apologetics book recommended by one of my pastors and written by Tim Keller. I also have numerous novels waiting patiently on my nightstand—a couple contemporaries, one historical …


At what point did you know you wanted to be an author?

I’ve always enjoyed writing and reading, and used journaling and poetry to process thoughts and emotions as a kid, but I didn’t consider writing as a real pursuit until my adult years, when I began serving in various ministries. At first, I wrote when I felt there was a need, and I produced a wide range of material from dramas for outreach programs, curriculum, parent newsletters, and more.


One day, the children’s direction asked me to write a short story for a children’s program she was planning, and as I was brainstorming how to present the story, it struck me how deeply I enjoyed the brainstorming process. That was when I first considered writing just for the sake of writing. Two to three years later, I sensed a clear and definite call that this was something God wanted me to intentionally pursue.


What is the strangest thing you’ve ever had to research for a book?

It’s not the most glamorous research topic, but … bat guano. That was for this release, actually. A colony of bats roosted in Trinity Faith Church’s attic and created quite a mess—one that led to wood damage, actual. I also spent a good amount of time researching various types of fire extinguishers, how to clean up after them, and the type of damage they can cause. Oh, and for the book I just sent my agent a proposal for, I looked at numerous pictures of the acorn weevil, a funny looking insect from Texas.


Do you have a book/movie/song/scripture that inspires you when writer’s block occurs?

When writer’s block hits, it usually comes more from my desire to write well than that I’m out of ideas. When that happens, I know only God can re-center me and remind me of my role vs. His. My role is to obey. To show up, sit behind my computer, and type. His role is to perfect that which concerns me, birth creativity inside me, and work out the results however He deems best.


Other times, my temporary halt of ideas comes from a lack of story-related knowledge and indicate I need to pause to research more. As I do, more plot or scene ideas arise.


As to music, I need complete silence when I’m being creative.


What would you consider to be the inspiration behind Restoring Her Faith?

Normally, my story ideas start with a character—her struggle, fears, dreams, etc. But this time, it began with a church. A series of churches, actually, sprinkled throughout Texas. They’re known as the Painted Churches of Texas, and they are gorgeous. I was immediately drawn to their artistry, the symbolism in many of their images, and the history behind them. As I spent time learning about these churches, Faith, my heroine, emerged, and the plot took form.


Bio:  slattery

Jennifer Slattery is a writer and international speaker who’s addressed women’s groups, church groups, Bible studies, and other writers across the nation. She’s the author of six contemporary novels maintains a devotional blog found at She has a passion for helping women discover, embrace, and live out who they are in Christ. As the founder of Wholly Loved Ministries, she and her team partner with churches to facilitate events designed to help women rest in their true worth and live with maximum impact. When not writing, reading, or editing, Jennifer loves going on mall dates with her adult daughter and coffee dates with her hilariously fun husband.


Jennifer, thank you so much for the wonderful interview responses!

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