Castle on the Rise by Kristy Cambron

Book Review:

There was so much to love in this book. I was afraid the three timelines would be difficult to follow, but I quickly honed in on the characters of each time which made it easier to keep track. I found it rather ingenious how the author was able to keep each timeline settled in their own story while weaving them into each other.

We have to talk about the setting, I mean, Ireland! I’ve long had a fascination with Ireland and Castle on the Rise was almost as good as being there myself. The descriptions were so well done I could smell the pears in Maeve’s hands, hear the guns firing as Issy ran for her life, and see the ruins through Laine’s eyes. The characters stamped themselves on my heart, and I’ll likely never forget any of them. Each character had their own strengths and weaknesses, their own problems, and their own way of moving through their problems.

There is more here than the romantic happily ever after. Castle on the Rise, for me, was more about finding the fairy tale in everyday life. God’s plan, God’s timing is perfect. Even when we would have things go differently, God knows what He’s doing. Through heartache, pain, sickness, and loss, God is there and He will not leave us alone. That is what I took away from Castle on the Rise. 

I marked several quotes from the book. I can’t share all of them because that would risk spoiling the story, but I’ll leave what I can. This one hit me particularly because it is at our worst times that God feels so far away when, in fact, he has never been closer. “I need to know if God sees us in the middle of our worst moments.” – Laine

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