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The Key to Everything by Beverly Varnado: Book Review


Book Title: The Key to Everything

Author: Beverly Varnado

Publisher: Anaiah Press

Book Blurb:

When nurse practitioner, Dr Genny Sanders inherits her late-grandmother’s house, she moves back to her hometown of Worthville, Georgia, determined to leave her past—and her scheming ex—behind her with a new job and new friends. But during a meeting with her grandmother’s estate attorney, David Worth, she learns of a threat to her property. A local developer wants to buy her land and demolish her house.

Genny refuses to sell, but the land developer isn’t taking no for an answer. As if personal threats aren’t bad enough, a foreclosure proceeding looms, and a fire flashes in the night. Everything Genny holds dear is threatened. If she can’t find a way to save her grandmother’s house, Genny will be forced to give up the fresh start she so desperately wants. And to complicate matters further, she’s falling for David.

While going through her grandmother’s belongings, Genny finds a mysterious key with a red ribbon. What does it fit? Could it possibly be the answer to her problems? What do the messages of love and forgiveness she keeps hearing have to do with everything? As she searches for these answers, she learns more about herself and her grandmother’s legacy than she could have ever imagined.

Book Review:

Beverly Varnado has a knack for describing settings and people. Worthville was so well done I could picture myself there walking the streets and meeting all the characters. Her characters are unique, and you quickly fall in love with everyone in Worthville…well, except for a few that doggedly insist on causing problems for Genny. The memories of Genny’s grandmother, shared by Genny and other members of the town, made me think of my own grandmother. As hard as it was, it also brought a smile to my face to remember the legacy she left behind.

Genny’s spiritual journey took a few twists and turns along the way. Each fork in the road seeming to lead nowhere because we do not know God’s plan for us. Genny refuses to give up hope that a solution might be found to her lingering problems. But what she doesn’t do is ask God for help. She asks everyone else, but like most of us, Genny waits, leaving God as a last resort when He should be the first one we call on.

When we think of something left behind, a legacy of those gone before us, our minds tend to drift toward the physical: a house, money, a box of letters, something tangible that we can hold in our hands. But a legacy can be anything that was near and dear to those we love. That is part of what makes The Key to Everything such a great read. It allows you to look beyond the tangible and search for what we hold dear to our hearts. What legacy are you leaving behind?

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher. I was not required to leave a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

The Key to Everything


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