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Through the Fire and what it means to me

I know my actual website address is not Through the Fire. I hope that someday it will be. But that’s another story for another day. Today, I feel like telling you why I call this place Through the Fire. I’ve always enjoyed that phrase. Both Through the Fire and Trial by Fire are immediate reminders of who I am.

I know we have all been through hard times. We all see rough days. Nothing I have been through would be considered the worst thing in the world. It wouldn’t even scratch the surface of true horror. I know people who have been through so much more than me. I don’t use that title as a way to say I’ve been through it all…I know I haven’t. I know I’m not done going through tough times. I know there will be more battles. And I know that I will keep fighting.

Part of our church service recently touched on this very topic. We are forged by the fires of our trials and tribulations. We are burned to purity. Like gold, we are put into the furnace time and time again so that the slag might be removed from our hearts, minds, and souls. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, God will not leave us alone in the fire. He will be there, walking with us, keeping us safe and protected, even when it feels as if we are alone.

God is our strength and our refuge. He is our guiding light and our comfort. His ways are not our ways. We would have ourselves never going through the battles. And we would stop trusting in Him. If we have no reason to seek God, we have no reason to give Him our faith.

I don’t like the battles that I go through. I don’t like the battles that anyone has to go through. But I know that there is something I need from that battle. Every time I write a book, every time I create a blog post, I am pushing my way through the fire. Every word that God gives me that I put on paper is my way of fighting back.

I am here to encourage you to keep going. Please don’t give up. Don’t give up on God. He won’t give up on you. I believe in you. Whoever you are, wherever you are. The fire burns hot, and the fire burns bright, but what a glorious sight we will be when we come out of the furnace.


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