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Release Day!! AND a GIVEAWAY

mock03 (6).pngMy newest book baby released today!! I’m so excited about this story. Wish Upon a Star takes place at the same time as Christmas in Jingle Junction. The plan is for them to become a boxed set by next Christmas after adding at least one more novella to the collection…maybe even two or three more.

Today’s post is just a little roundabout way of spreading my own Christmas joy, so I hope you keep reading. I love Christmas. Not because of the presents, or the lights, but because it is a time of giving. God sent his son as a gift for us, and I can never repay Him for that. But I can do my best to give to others. We do not have much of monetary value, but we have ourselves. God gave me the gift of writing, and I vowed to use that gift as a way to reach out to others.

Untitled design (4)I wrote both Christmas in Jingle Junction and Wish Upon a Star in a few months. Once the stories started, it was like taking off in a rocket. I almost even considered writing the third novella in time for Christmas but decided not to push my luck.

It all started with a memory, which I included in Christmas in Jingle Junction (if you want to read what the memory is, you will find it at the end of this post). You will notice that both of the covers for this collection feature Christmas ornaments instead of a romantic couple. That is for a reason. Although the novellas are romances, they are about so much more than that. I could write all day just on the backstory, but I’m sure no one wants to read that much about me and my motivations. So, let me show you with pictures instead.

This is from Christmas in Jingle Junction.

_I haven't always made the right choices, Holly. It's as if a dark cloudfollows me whereverI go._ Patrick

And here is Wish Upon a Star.

Meet the Characters

Wish Upon a Star is the story of Bryce Masters. Six years after losing his wife during Anna’s birth, Bryce is taking Anna and returning to the place where he grew up…that place is none other than Jingle Junction. Let me show you what Jingle Junction looks like, or as close of a representation as I can get. Imagine this, but with shops lining the streets, trees wrapped in lights, a parade with real reindeer and you have Jingle Junction in a nutshell.

Jingle Junction

Here’s the rundown on Christmas in Jingle Junction. Holly owns and operates Jolly Java, the local coffee shop. Patrick shows up one day, delivering her order of coffee beans because her usual deliveryman is sick. Holly soon finds out that Patrick has three strikes against him: he hates coffee, doesn’t like Christmas, and he has a girlfriend. But that doesn’t mean she can’t be his friend.

When Holly learns of Patrick’s past as a thief, she tries to get him to see beyond what he has done and realize that God can take away his guilt for the wrongs he has committed. Then Patrick is arrested for theft…again. Can Holly clear his name and convince Patrick that forgiveness is attainable, or will Patrick turn his back on everything?

Fun fact: I actually designed a coffee cup in honor of Jolly Java. Jolly (1).jpg Ain’t it cute….that’s a rhetorical question…I do strange things when working on books.

You made it to the end of my random rambling post! Congratulations! Here is the memory I promised, and my reason for writing Christmas in Jingle Junction. 

When I was young, around five-years-old, my grandmother used to stay with me while my parents worked. Every time, she would show up with a little brown paper bag (the kind that the school used for sack lunches). In that bag would be two things: Snickers bars and instant coffee. My granny loved her instant coffee, and she knew that coffee and caffeine make me hyper. Granny was one of those people who believed grandchildren should be spoiled (not in a bad way, just in the “remember when you were a kid and I said I would pay you back someday…well, this is me…paying you back by feeding your daughter coffee and chocolate so she’ll be a maniac by the time you come home from work” kind of way). My parents didn’t mind. They’re amazing people.

So, Granny would fix me a cup of instant coffee, fill it up with milk and sugar, and we would watch Nick at Nite together until my parents came home.

I gave that memory to Holly, and that is why she runs Jolly Java.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago…and I never told her how much those nights meant to me. Christmas in Jingle Junction was a way for that memory to live forever.

And now, somehow, we go from that…to the GIVEAWAY!!!! We’re getting both sides of the coin today, nostalgia and excitement! So, to enter the giveaway…all you have to do is leave your answer to this question in a comment. What is your favorite Christmas memory? Winner gets their choice of either book in digital form.

Giveaway!Winner's choice

3 thoughts on “Release Day!! AND a GIVEAWAY”

  1. My favorite Christmas was the very first one I spent with my husband. We had been married only one week earlier. He hand-tooled a leather Bible cover for me that had lilies on it. A treasure for all the work that he lovingly did just for me!


  2. First, I live in Central Texas, But I’m from Claremore, Oklahoma.
    My daddy was the oldest of nine children. When we were little we would often go back
    To Oklahoma to my grandparents house. I am number 3 of twenty+ grandchildren. Some of my cousins are younger than my children. lol
    Anyway, we would draw names, so when we were all there you can just imagine the festivities. Presents piled up, then wrapping paper piled up. lol 😂
    Then there was the food. 😋 Everyone brought something. Even though they had a large table, there were still people sitting around everywhere.
    First, it’s a celebration of Christ’s Birthday. After that, to me, this is what Christmas is all about. Not the gifts, but family. Gathered together, for some of us the only time all year. The laughter, yard full of children running around, screaming, catching up, the adults enjoying coffee and conversation. I miss those days. Not growing up there and with my parents and grandparents gone and no place to gather, we have all kind of drifted apart. 😢. There were Thirty something great grandchildren and a few great great grandchildren is what there were when my grandparents passed. I probably won’t know some of them if I passed them on the street.
    Now, unfortunately, we do good to be with any of our children and grandchildren. The kids all want to be home on on Christmas morning. With five children, 12 grandchildren and one great grandson, it’s even hard to get together for our own family now. The world has changed so much. I hate that so many will never experience the things we did at their ages.
    Anyway, I will quit rambling, just wonderful times back then. Memories!


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