Author interview with Tina Wanamaker

Today I am going to share with you an interview that I had the pleasure of conducting earlier this week. First off, I will share with you the description of her book. Blurb has been copied from Amazon.


Women seek a close relationship to each other and their heavenly Father, and Characteristics of a Christian Woman challenges women to a deeper obedience to Gods Word and provides a starting point for discipleship. This small discipleship course centers on subjects important to women topics they may not always talk about with others.

The subjects of love and submission and friendship, all examined from the view of Gods grace, are reminders for those already knowledgeable in Gods Word. And for new believers desiring to know what a Christian woman looks like, this book will start you on your journey. It will challenge you to deeper depths in your relationship with others and with Christ. It will challenge you to live out Gods truth on a practical level. Take the plunge! Gods way is always the best.

About the Author

Tina has been married to her wonderful husband, Owen, for fifteen years. They have four children. Tina and Owen are actively engaged in ministry. Tina homeschools, is involved in jail ministry, teaches ladies Bible studies, and speaks at ladies’ events and retreats. They live in Selah, Washington.


What was the driving force behind your book Characteristics of a Christian Woman?

I wasn’t planning on writing Characteristics of a Christian Woman. The book rose out of several studies I had taught at the Lord’s leading on these topics. After the last Bible study I taught about this I felt compelled to compile the notes I had through the years of teaching these topics. I did so and ended up with something of a manuscript. I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do with it. Maybe print it off and pass it out? Publish it? Whatever He wanted was just fine with me. I felt led to publish but had no idea how to go about doing so. I then asked God to lead that process which He did through a series of incredible events. There was no doubt in my mind that God was leading.

Do you have plans for more books in the future?

I currently have one book fully finished and edited called That I May Know Him. This book is a devotional which practically applies God’s Word. I am waiting on the Lord’s leading for publishing, I have also been working on another book called Redefined in Christ – Know Your Worth. This last book has required much prayer and seeking of the Lord due to the deep heart content of it.

What is your writing setup? do you prefer to write while listening to music? Early morning writer?

I love to have quiet time when I write. When I’m writing I’m listening to the Holy Spirit as I work and therefore love to have quiet. This means that I get up at 5:30 each morning to create time to seek God, be in His Word, and write as He leads. I have a spot I sit in with my Bible, notebook, pen, and glasses nearby. And of course, a coaster for my early morning coffee!

What do you consider to be the core of the message you wish for readers to take away with them?

The core message of my writing is that Jesus is enough. That we can find our definition in Him and His Word. That as we are obedient to the Bible, God will bless us in relationship with Him and with others. I would love for readers to take away a deeper love for Christ from what I write. I pray that they feel challenged to a closer walk with Him, a deeper obedience to the Word, and further application of it to their lives. Lastly, but not least, I desire that the reader would know how valuable and loved they are by God.

What revelation did you take away from your own writing?

What is so interesting is that as I go back and read what I have written in the past I realize the message is timeless. This is because God’s Word is eternal. It never changes. Honestly, as I read my writing I feel challenged to a deeper level of obedience within myself. There is always more to be had and more to learn. There is always that next step to take with Christ. The book I am currently working on has challenged me in new ways as I endeavor to put into words deep heart issues. Writing has stretched me in ways I needed, but haven’t always been comfortable. But, we know that we never grow from a place of comfort. Praise God for the discomfort that leads us into new growth.

I want to thank Tina for taking time out of her hectic schedule and allowing me to interview her. Her words have inspired me both as a Christian and as an author. I want to delve deeper into my own discomfort so that I might bring magic to the pages of my books. If you have not already read her book, I recommend you check it out. Link will be added below. God bless you, Tina. I pray you keep writing and I know God will use you to continue to bless others. Change is hard, life is complicated, and God is there throughout it all.

PS: I love coffee, too, especially when writing and contemplating. It also comes in handy during the homeschooling hours 🙂


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