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Book Review and Interview

Welcome to another book review and author interview. Today’s edition is brought to you by Emily Yager’s book Chasing the Hunter. I am going to post the interview first and then we’ll jump into the book review. Here we go.

What was your inspiration for writing Chasing the Hunter?

As a history geek, I love learning about the history of Northern Minnesota (where I grew up and currently live). I saw this exhibit on the French Fur Traders in Minnesota and the thought hit me: I have never seen nor read a book about the fur traders that wasn’t a documentary, essay, or a dry factual history book. I even Googled the topic to prove it. So, I told myself that I would be the one to change that and since I love canoeing and drifting down the river, it just made sense.

What do you feel was your biggest challenge?

Writing the character, Waabizii, a young Ojibwe mother. It was challenging to portray her in an authentic way, even though she doesn’t say anything in the story. Her presence is shown through her actions; which I think made it even more difficult to write her part.

What book are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Tessa Afshar’s Thief of Corinth.

What’s next for you as an author? Are you currently writing a new novel?

I am currently working on the other books for this series, Pursuing Voyageurs. There will be six books, so I am currently writing on two of them and editing another one.

What do you consider to be your writing style? Are you a planner or do you sit down and just see where the story takes you?

I usually say that I am a planner. I like to know what I’m doing. Though I must confess that I am a little bit of both. I like to leave room for spontaneity as I find some of my favorite scenes were unplanned.

Emily Yager has written two novels: Chasing the Hunter and Unwilling Promise.

I have read and will be reviewing Chasing the Hunter. Here’s the blurb.

In 1788, Aria Stonewood is chased from her home in the New England Colonies after being accused of murder and abducting twin baby girls.

Hiding in secret, Aria travels west, deep into the north woods of Minnesota territory. She seeks shelter at a French trading post that is run by a former priest and meets Francois Marcks; both of whom distrust her and do not want her staying there. But with dangers of winter coming, they have no choice but to reluctantly let her stay, unaware of what the coming winter will bring to their door.

Now, for my thoughts. Chasing the Hunter was a fast-paced adventure and it was a good reading experience. Introducing a full cast of characters, I can easily see a complete series in the future. Aria is strong and independent, she travels west alone save for the twins she brings with her and is determined to survive the harshness of her new environment. The people she meets at the fort soon become almost like family. Marcks brings humor and intrigue to the story as he searches for thieves and attempts to escape his feelings for Aria. When she is finally tracked down by the forces that drove her from her home, Aria will have to place her trust in the people she has come to depend on. Although this book will be part of a series, you are not left guessing, the ending is conclusive yet leaves you anxious to learn more.

I enjoyed getting the opportunity to read Chasing the Hunter and meeting Emily.


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