What is an author?

At first thought, one might say an author is one who writes a book. That’s true, that’s what an author does. But what are they? Who are they? Authors are people who love to create and they all create differently.

I have been reading a lot lately. I have always been an avid reader but there is something different this year. This year my appetite for reading has reached voracious levels, I barely close one book before I’m picking up another. Reading at such a high intensity has made one thing clear to me, no two authors write the same. No two stories are the same. Everyone reacts differently to any given situation. The author’s perspective and how they perceive the situation colors the way they write their novels. Because of this, two authors with the same idea will write two completely different novels.

Some authors write just for fun, they seek to entertain with lighthearted humor and maybe romance. Other authors dig into deeper matters, they have the drive to poke into the dark heart and bring it into the sunlight. There are even a few who can do both, sometimes within the same novel. Life is neither all light nor all dark.

Authors have a drive, a need to create. Characters are real to them and their stories are important. How we perceive those characters depends on our own stories, our own lives. We might read to escape, to better ourselves, or as a means to face our own past.

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