Book Review: Dorian the Daring

Today I will be reviewing Dorian the Daring by Camille Esther. Blurb: Kicked out of the only home he has ever known, Dorian is forced to make a new life for himself with his noble steed. The adjustment isn’t easy- ordinary life seems dull after being “the young master” his whole life. Then someone tries to kill him. Dorian is sure his proclaimed enemy is behind the attempt, but another source declares it could be his best friend. In a world of political chaos that seems bent on making him the center of it all, Dorian has many questions and few answers. But his chief question is this: is reconciliation too much to ask? As the answers finally begin to surface, Dorian finds himself in the sole position to save a life. He knows his duty-but can he choose duty over his heart’s desire and still trust God with the outcome?

I have always been a fan of medieval books and this one definitely tosses you headfirst into that world, a world of knights and kings and noble steeds. Poor Dorian seems to be beset on every side as he is continually dodging attempts on his life. He struggles to believe that everything happening to him can be within God’s will. Like so many of us, he cannot see beyond what he wants and what he believes should be happening in his life. Chased from the only home he ever knew, Dorian is forced into a life far removed from what he has always known. From the son of a knight to the son of a farmer, Dorian attempts to let go of the pain thrust upon him by his forced departure.

God has other plans for Dorian as he leads him along a winding path of kidnappings, sword fights, attempted assassinations, false allegations, and a convoluted plot of politics that throws the entire country into war. At times Dorian feels abandoned, both by God and those he calls family. He wishes for revenge against those who have wronged him while wishing for redemption from the wrongs he himself has done.

Although Dorian faces trial upon trial, Dorian the Daring is not constant fighting and drudgery. We meet Dorian’s family along the way, and his younger siblings are a constant source of childish entertainment. Dorian is accidentally sucker punched by his own mother – a moment which made me laugh out loud – and his baby sister is the proverbial chatterbox, which adds a light touch to her moments within the book.

Dorian is eventually faced with the ultimate test. Will he choose revenge, or will he finally be able to forgive?

I am absolutely enthralled with Esther’s ability to weave God throughout her novels. I have read Doctor and King and Dorian the Daring and God’s presence is felt throughout both. The characters are real, they’re flawed, and they make mistakes, but God is there through it all. He is always by their side, even when they struggle with the enormity of their seemingly hopeless situations. Dorian has others to help him along the way. Mentors like his priest, his friend Sandy, and Jonathan all do what they can to prove to Dorian that God has not abandoned him. If you enjoy medieval type fiction then you will love her books.

Dorian the Daring



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